A GPS unit is an invaluable tool for hunting expeditions. It can be used for hunting, scouting or just to bear well when you find yourself in an unfamiliar hunting area.

After sunset, the complete dark will make even your favorite hunting spot look alien to you as all ridgelines appear the same, and so do all trees. The feeling is more amplified when hunting in unknown territories. Thus, the GPS can play a huge role in impacting the way you hunt.

To ensure that you have a pleasant experience, you should choose a few important functions that you expect from your GPS device. You can always use bookmarking systems and share it with your fellows.

Considering these and a few other factors, you will be able to choose a GPS unit that is suitable for your hunting and can guide you well.


Factors to Consider when choosing a GPS Device

Factors to Consider when choosing a GPS Device

1. The Speed

The speed at which the GPS unit functions is of utmost importance so that you can get fast and accurate results when you need it. Try to look for a GPS that connects to a vast number of satellites. Also check the receiver on the unit. A high-sensitivity receiver will locate your position quickly and precisely. This will ensure that the unit works fine even in dense forests and tricky locations.

2. Display

Since most hunting practices are undertaken under daylight, you should choose a GPS unit that does not reflect light and offers readability even under bright light. You should also check that the size of the screen is adequate to be able to read what is on the screen clearly. Lastly, you will need to choose between a touch and a non-touch screen. While a touch screen unit will be fast, the touch might fail to function when you wear gloves.

3. Strength, Battery Life and Durability

A GPS unit that is not strong enough to bear the harsh conditions of the hunting environment is useless. You should get a durable unit that can withstand impact, collisions and is high pressure too. The unit should also be resistant to water and weather. Another factor you must consider is the battery backup offered by the unit. The last thing you would want id your GPS device to power down during hunting trail.

4. Barometer or Altimeter

All GPS units are equipped to provide altitude readings based on the data they collect from the satellites. However, there are some devices that can even offer weather predictions by taking in the temperature or air pressure readings. The barometers or altimeters will also produce more accurate readings of elevation.

5. Maps

When buying a GPS unit, make sure that you can download maps on it. Most GPS units come with pre-downloaded maps. However, these are not very detailed. So, choose a unit that allows you to download or upload maps on a SD card. These maps can be easily managed by connecting the device to a computer.

While these were the features that you must have on your GPS deice, let us now take a look at how you should use your GPS unit to make the most of it.


Using the GPS Device

 Using the GPS device

1. Scouting

When you are scouting for hunting spots, you can simply waypoint the places or spots where you wish to return. You could also add reference points or notes that will help you in remembering the place better. In this way, you can also bookmark and save information about all your favorite locations, so that the GPS will know exactly where you are headed to and offer all related information.

2. Hanging stands

With the help of the GPS, you will be able to take in the wind direction and other related information to find out the best spot for hanging the stands. If you hang out more than one stand, you can feed all their locations in the GPS and the unit will help you locate them all later. This means you will never lose a stand.

3. Blood Trail

When you are following a blood trail to locate your prey, you might need to wander into unknown parts of the hunting ground. With the GPS unit, you can mark the blood spots as references for the blood trail. Also, if you wander deep inside the forest, you can simply use the GPS unit to get back to your vehicle.

These are three ways in which you can effectively use a GPS device to make you hunting experience a smooth and pleasant one. With a GPS unit, you can be assured of never getting lost and finding your way back safely.