Treestands vs Ground Blinds: Best Practices for Hunting

Hunters often engage in debates about what are the best practices for hunting. Is it better to use crossbows as compared to compound bows? How about using a mechanical broadhead rather than a fixed-blade broadhead?

One of these popular debates include answering the query of whether it is better to hunt with a treestand or a ground blind. Let us determine the winner by going through each of them.

Tree Stand

A tree stand is a platform that is secured to trees to give the hunter an elevated ground. This allows the hunter a better point of view for taking a shot at deer. There are various types of tree stands, which include the climbing stand and the ladder stand.

The climbing stand is a famous stand used among hunters. This is because it allows you to move around places with minimal effort. It is portable and does not require any other mechanism for climbing. However, this means that you need to rely on the strength of your feet and legs to secure the stand to the tree.

The ladder stand is the safest tree stand that could be used for deer hunting. This stand comes with a ladder for you to climb up to the platform. It has good stability because it is both supported by the tree bark and supported from the ground. The downside is that this tree stand is not very portable because of how bulky it is.

One of the largest advantages of using a tree stand is that you can reduce the chance of deer picking up your human scent. This is because you are off ground level. It is good to go up to a height of 20 to 25 feet to get a good shot at the lungs of a deer. If you go too high, you will find that the shooting angle becomes too steep and you face a higher risk of injury.

Being on a tree stand allows you to stay anonymous to the deer as you are up high and get you a little closer to it. It puts you out of the deer’s sight. You are also able to see much further than if you were on ground.

Putting up a stand can be noisy and time consuming to secure, however, which can scare away deer that may be nearby. Hence, some hunters find it a good idea to put up your stand at the beginning of the off season. If you put it up during the season, make sure that you minimize the noise as best as possible. You can also plan to be at your stand site early enough before you expect to see deer.

Make sure to survey the trees before setting up your tree stand. If you are using a climbing stand, you should look out for trees with strong and healthy barks. Check the texture of the bark and choose one with a semi-rough feel because it will give a more secure grip to your stand.

Ground Blinds

Ground blinds are manmade covers set up on the ground and are used by hunters to hide from game. Deer hunters typically use what is called pop-up blinds.

Pop-up blinds are usually box shaped while some look like tents. The fabric is printed with camouflage patterns so that deer will not be able to detect them. However, since deer have sensitive sense of smell, you cannot just rely on the camouflage print. You will need to cover the blinds with leaves and foliage from the area. This helps to get rid of the human scent around the blinds.

Ground blinds will provide you with plenty of storage room to put your gear compared to being on a stand. The cover also protects you from strong winds and bad weather. Some blinds are even quite cheap, but the inexpensive ones will have less room and lower ceilings.

The setback is that you cannot see as far in a ground blind compared to being on a tree stand. Your shot options are also limited because you must shoot from designated windows in the blinds and opening too many windows will likely cause you to be detected by deer.

You should make sure to never let a deer see you in the pop-up blind. This is because if a deer sees you enter or leaving the blind and realizes that you are a human, it will remember and look for you every time it goes through the area. They will even change their travel movements to avoid the blind in the future. Hence, minimize all noise that you can and be watchful.

If you want a different viewpoint about these matters, you can check out this video here.


Overall, there is no better or worse when it comes to comparing the tree stand and ground blinds. You should simply choose the right hideout for the situation that you are in. It all boils down to understanding what gear best fit you for a variety of situations.