Deer Hunting 101

The Definitive Guide For Beginners: Be Confident & Prepared For Your Upcoming Hunt

Deer hunting has played a great role in American history and culture. In particular, hunting was an important skill to put food on the table (still great right now). Although we are no longer dependent on hunting for food, it’s one of the most preferred sports in the America. In fact, a research conducted showed that more than 10 million of Americans participate in hunting annually.

However, if you have not try hunting before and it’s not part of your family tradition, you might find it difficult to start. This guide aims to provide all the necessary basics of deer hunting so you could educate yourself upfront before going for an actual hunt.

Four Chapters To Success

Chapter 1: Introduction To Deer Hunting

As much as you want to jump in and start the hunt straight away, here are some basics that you would need to know before getting into the actual hunting process.

1. Knowing Your Hunting Ground: Private Vs Public Land

2. You Need License: Here Is How You Could Get One


Chapter 2: Gear Checklist And Preparation

Making sure you have all the necessary gears with you is as good as winning half the battle. You might also want to decide if you prefer to hunting with bows or firearms.

1. Bowhunting Gears: Compound, Recurve And Crossbow

2. Hunt With A Firearm: Rifles And Shotguns Gears

3. 5 Must Have Gears For Every Hunter

Chapter 3: The Hunting Process And Strategies

Just like any other thing, there is a proven process in hunting that you are advised to follow if you would like to earn your very own trophy.

1. The 5 Steps To A Successful Hunt

2. Hunting Strategies: Important Tips And Common Mistakes

Chapter 4: Reaping Your Reward

Congratulations! Now that you have hunt down your buck, it’s time to harvest the reward. This chapter talks about the process after a successful hunt.

1. What’s Next: Skinning, Preserving And Taxidermy