Stealth Cam GXW Review

Editor’s Rating: 8/10

Stealth Cam is not a new name in the trail camera industry, the brand is really trustable and definitely one purchasable in the market. This particular unit is a cellular trail camera which means you would have to apply for a phone-line and attach a SIM to your camera. The camera is recommended to have a 1GB data-only plan for pictures and unlimited data-only plan for videos which you would have to pay for monthly. The camera is well equipped with all the needs one would have, the Stealth Cam really does deliver.




This camera produces pictures that are of really high quality. The camera comes with a 12MP camera which really does outperform many other cameras out there. The camera is special due to its no-glow infrareds which make pictures taken during nighttime really bright and clear both at the same time. Additionally, there is also a 9 photo rapid-fire function along with a full-color menu and image display.

According to some resources, the nighttime pictures are not as clear as expected sometimes, the pictures at night do suffer some blurriness. Wireless trail cameras are really a huge investment and this camera comes with a reasonable price, with the features in this camera you would really be getting what you paid for, worth the money.


This camera records videos that are all full HD, the camera captures videos at 1080P resolution. This really does show that this camera can produce exceptionally good and crisp pictures. The picture quality is further made better during nighttime with the no-glow infrared LEDs which really does brighten up the videos at night and illuminates the game before the camera once triggered.   One thing to take note of is that the camera also sends videos wirelessly unlike some cameras that only send pictures.

The video will however be compressed down to 320 by 180 resolution. This feature would be more suitable for hunting purposes rather than for surveillance which needs a clearer shot of who or what is trespassing. The camera can also record video anywhere from between 5 seconds to 3 minutes, all of which can be adjusted with the menu screen the camera possesses.


The camera is on average really quick, it comes with a fast 0.25 second trigger speed. This is fairly fast compared to many other cameras out there. The moment the game comes in the detection zone the camera will take the shot almost immediately. You won’t have to worry about losing the game from the camera. The recovery speed of the camera is also fairly good, although it does not meet the expectations of many cameras out there the camera has a fair recovery, it has a recovery speed of about 1+- minutes. But the recovery and trigger combined, it is pretty fast.


This camera has an average distance coverage of 90 feet, this is a large number indeed for trail cameras in general. The detection zone of the camera is fairly far due to the 40 infrared no-glow sensors which are really sensitive and can really project to far distances. The detection zone is really important for a camera as it would determine whether or not the camera captures a far distanced game.


The camera requires 12 AA batteries which can function for 3 months without any problem given that it is in standby mode. Although it may seem like it doesn’t last long, the camera is a 12MP operating camera that would be recording both video and photos whilst sending them via a wireless network to a telephone or computer. To be put into perspective, if you took 30 pictures and they are sent to your device right after then the camera would last for 2 months. Alternatively you can use the 12 volt external jack that is provided to plug the camera into another source if necessary.

Final verdict

Overall the Stealth Cam is an incredible buy which is worth the money you spend. These cameras are a long time investments and come with big price tags, choosing one could be hard but it comes down to your preference and needs.

The Stealth Cam does have all the features you need, a large resolution and wireless however on the flip side of it, the Stealth Cam only works with AT&T mobile and T-Mobile, this may be a huge setback for some of you out there who use different telecommunication carriers, you would have to adjust with the cameras adaptability with telephone carriers but other than that the camera is really a good buy!

Don’t hesitate to get a camera by Stealth Cam more so one that is wireless. Not to forget that the camera would also require an app on your phone to be able to receive the pictures!