Spartan GoCam Review

Editor’s Rating: 8/10

This trail camera is special in its own way as it is an added feature to the AT&T GoCam, it is a ready to use out of the box camera which means that the camera comes with an AT&T DataConnect Pass SIM that can be simply activated at the online website. The SIM is included upon purchase which makes things very much easier for you. The camera also comes with an easy installation, the all-in-one design really makes this camera completely assessable and user-friendly.

The pictures can be transmitted with or without AES 256 encryption, to add security you can use encryption to transfer your images. The camera is also compatible with HCO GoWireless web and mobile portal, a truly wonderful photo and camera management solution.




This camera comes with a 8MPcamera that takes pictures which truly surpasses our expectation. The camera captures clear, bright and crisp pictures altogether which is mainly due to the infrared LED array that makes pictures bright and clear enabling you to identify the sex and type of animal that has been captured. The camera is also capable of adapting to your needs so you can choose between 2MP, 4MP or 8MP resolution which will enable you to choose the right resolution according to your preference, which hunters usually use to maximize the storage capacity.


The video recording of this camera is also competent to many other cameras out in the industry. You can set a video resolution of up till 720P if desired. That is already enough to make the videos you take really clear and out of blurriness. Because the video is recorded in HD the videos are really clear and realistic when taken both during day and night. You can also choose to set the camera to work as a video-only trail cam if desired. The video recording of the camera has been said by many hunters to be extremely clear during daytime but the nighttime videos are not really up to expected standards.                                                                              


The camera houses 12AA batteries which is pretty standard with all the other trail cameras in the industry. The camera is also said to be able to last up to several months but is dependent on the battery used, the camera setting and the number of pictures taken so it is truly up to you on how you want to maximize your battery life.

The batteries are also arranged in two bays so that each battery has its own slot, why, to avoid the common problem of batteries unseating, such design! The 12AA batteries is advised to be lithium ones instead of alkaline as they last longer and are more tolerant to harsh weathers.


This camera comes with a fast under one minute trigger speed which can capture the game as soon as it is detected in the detection zone. The camera is able to  capture images in a fraction of time so you don’t have to be worried about losing the game and taking pictures of their tails only.

The camera also has a recovery time of less than one second which is also really helpful in terms of taking more pictures of the game while still being in sight by the camera. The camera is also very flexible in terms of you being able to change the time of the triggers, the recovery and the time-lapse setting.


This camera comes with a detection zone of 70 feet, higher than average you could say. The detection zone is illuminated by the IR LED array which makes the pictures brighter and most importantly, the device more sensitive and durable. This 70 feet range is accompanied by the 70 feet flash that comes with it, producing pictures and videos that are bright, clear and crisp.

Final verdict

Overall the camera is a great buy, the camera was built to focus on durability, usability and above all, outstanding performance which is shown through the cameras amazing feature. The camera also can overwrite the oldest photo on the SD card to make space for newer ones, a feature made to ensure you never lose track on the latest pictures and videos.

The camera also comes with a “no contract, pay as you go” policy which enables you, through the Spartan GoCam AT&T DataConnect Pass Mobile broadband plan you can activate, deactivate or reactivate the plan anytime you want without getting a new SIM card. To top it all off, with the purchase of one you will receive a bundle of 6 edge-less Utowels made out of microfiber and 1 Dog’s heart large bone-shaped-drying –towel. There is really no reason to say no to this camera, get one of these cellular cameras and you’ll be fully equipped!