Snyper Commander 4G LTE Review

Editor’s Rating: 8/10

Snyper was a product created to provide the most affordable products along with the highest quality to the market. This particular camera is a 4G trail camera , made to be easily setup and easily used. The SIM for the camera would have to be activated through the Snyper Hunting Website.

Once you have activated your account you will receive a confirmation in your email and your camera will eventually be assigned a cell phone number, to ensure you can identify you camera with your telco service provider. The camera also comes with a free AT&T SIM card which you can use upon purchase.The camera is also compatible with T-mobile services.




The pictures produced by this camera really is of high quality, they come with a 12MP camera that captures bright pictures with a good contrast and picture stabilization. The camera really does outperform many cameras out there with higher resolution, this is due to the cameras 56 blacked out LEDs which brighten the surrounding area and enables good pictures to be taken.

Getting this camera is without a doubt a good choice but the pictures taken at night may sometimes be grainy and a little blurry according to some hunters. This camera would be suitable for those of you wanting a mid-range priced camera with good features. The camera also comes with a LCD screen from which you can see the pictures or videos taken on the spot.


The Snyper also packs a punch with its video quality, recording in HD makes the videos more vibrant and vivid, both day and night. The camera also works really well at night due to its IRs that are sensitive to lighting changes which adjusts automatically with the surrounding.


This camera comes with 12AA batteries which can really outperform competitors cameras. It is suggested however that you use AA energizer lithium batteries or the Snyper Solar Panel option. This is because lithium batteries perform even in the most extreme and harsh conditions, making it perfect for outdoor activities.

This camera would be suitable for those of you wanting something lasting and efficient for the long run which reduces both money and time spent on the product. Alternatively you can use a 12V jack which you can connect to a solar panel or an external battery.


This camera performs with exceptional speed which is quite competent to many other high ranged ones, the camera has a 0.4 second trigger speed. The camera has a rather fast trigger speed which would enable you to capture pictures with speed, you wont have to worry about the game being too fast or you only having partial pictures of the game.

The recovery speed is also pretty fast which is under 1 minute, enabling you to take as many pictures as you can while the game is right before the camera. With regards to the speed is also the 5 multi-shot image mode enabling you to take rapid-fire images. The camera also is flexible, it accommodates with your needs whereby you can adjust the trigger timing and recovery timing according to the purposes you wish to fill.  The camera also has a fast transmitting speed, you will receive the images taken almost immediately when captured.


Probably the most distinct feature of the camera is the detection range of the camera that can go up to 100 feet. This is a fairly large number in terms of detection, you can maximize the number of game you capture with a detection of this distance. Along with that is the cameras 120 feet flash which accommodates with the detection zone, you will have a picture of the game from a far distance and also one that is bright and clear for your viewing.

This camera would be really suitable to be put in places with large spaces. This is possible due to the 56 high intensity invisible IRs and the built in cell booster. They make detection more easier and at the same time keep the game away from detecting its presence.

Final verdict

The Snyper comes to be a really good camera overall, it has everything you would want in a cellular device. A point worth noting is that the camera comes with an operating software which isn’t very sophisticated, this would be a turn off for some tech-savvy users out there looking for technology.

Also, the camera lens can fog over on the inside of the unit in cool and humid conditions which is a small flaw but is pretty compensated with all the cool and useful features.