Skypoint Tiny W3 Review

Editor’s Rating: 8/10

This camera by Spypoint really is tiny, the camera is a new version of the original Tiny-W2. The camera comes with many features including its 2.4 inch LED viewer that allows you to view the pictures and videos captured. The camera has the ability to send the pictures taken to the included black box which stores the pictures in a separate location situated 250 feet of the camera itself. This makes it one of the best wireless trail camera in the market.

This feature allows for you to check on the images without actually going to the location, avoiding contamination of the area therefore preserving the places’ natural state. This also adds security, stealing the camera would be sad but the pictures taken would be saved.




The picture quality of the camera is impressively good although it only comes with an 8MP camera. The camera resolution is fairly clear and crisp, don’t be deceived by the 8MPs as these cameras are really good too, the quality of the camera itself is good therefore even with a smaller megapixel the camera can produce pictures equivalent to the quality of 12 megapixel cameras.

The camera can take both nighttime and daytime pictures with clarity, great contrast and color. The 38 invisible black LEDs really do help with the nighttime pictures and reduces the blurriness drastically. This camera is also small, making it a suitable camera for those of you needing something compact and effective.


The camera comes with a HD recording which captures video with great depth and clarity. The videos are recorded in 720P resolution which is fairly clear and free of blurriness when taken both during day and night. The camera is capable of taking such videos due to the invisible black LEDs that helps in brightening the pictures taken and clearing out the blurriness. This camera would do the job if you are wanting a camera for video-only function as the video operation is adequate enough for a good viewing experience.


The camera operates on 6AA batteries which is half of what is usually required by other cameras in the market. The battery life of this camera is rather high although it requires very little battery. The cameras battery can last up to 2 months, the camera however may perform differently with different settings and different camera resolutions.

It really is up to the user on how you want the camera to operate and how long you want it to operate. The batteries would last longer if you were to use lithium batteries. It all comes down to your usage and your need, you can preserve your battery life by also minimalizing nighttime photos.


The camera comes with a fairly slow trigger timing of two seconds. This is probably the largest number seen due to the cameras wifi function, it takes time for the pictures to be transmitted via wifi compared to cellular ones. The recovery time is lesser than 10 seconds which is also due to the wifi function of the camera.

The long time is explained through the cameras need to send the picture to the device it is connected to before continuing to the next shot. This may be a turn off for many but with the advantage of not having to pay for a monthly telco charge, this is a small cost to pay.


The camera has an impressive detection range of 60 feet which is pretty good, the camera would be able to detect far distances and not be worried about losing sight of the game. The detection range of this camera is pretty standard for cameras in this industry. The 38 no-glow IR LEDs help in making the camera capable of detecting this range.

The detection zone is not very impressive compared to many other cameras out there but is still functional and adaptable to. If you are going to use this camera in smaller places with a fairly narrow path then it would do the job. A note worth taking is also the cameras capability of wirelessly transmitting photos up to 250 feet away which is good if the camera is being used for home surveillance.

Final verdict

In a nutshell, you can tell that this camera has many pros and cons. The pros definitely outweighs the cons, the cons may still be adjustable for some so do consider this camera for your use too. The camera is a wifi camera that has a huge advantage to it and is sought by many people out there.

If you are looking for a camera just for surveillance and don’t need the features you see in other high-end brands then this camera really is suitable for you. The camera is tiny and not easily spotted, perfect for surveillance, the choice is yours.