Skypoint Link Evo Review

Editor’s Rating: 8/10

The Spypoint is probably the most affordable wireless camera out there to buy and also operate in the long run. The camera comes with a free data plan allowing you to take up to 100 pictures per month, saving you a lot of cash along the way.

The Spypoint is a cellular camera which is activated and configures via the SPYPOINT LINK APP with a Buck Tracker. Be reminded that the camera connect to only VERIZON 4G and LTE only. Upon purchase there will also be a pre-activated SIM card which would be pretty helpful  to get you started off.




The Skypoint really does produce quality pictures, it comes with a 12MP resolution camera that captures images with clarity and good contrast. The camera, due to the brand itself comes with really good technology and software, the pictures itself are taken with depth and given much detail. The 42 high power LEDs also aid in the picture quality at night, nighttime pictures are really clear and bright due to the LEDs itself. The infrared boost also maximizes the lighting of the pictures taken, making it clear and realistic.


Skypoint also features a video option that records in HD 720P resolution. The HD recording makes both day and night videos look incredibly fresh and clear. The 42 high power low glow LEDs again make the videos look great, the nighttime videos are improved of quality drastically. The grainy and blur videos seen in other cameras do not exist here as they are controlled by the curved motion sensor lens.

The motion sensor lens also help improve on the detection angle and distance which significantly improves the clarity as well. This camera is perfect for video taking and is also suitable for video-only recording too.


The camera requires 8AA batteries to operate. This is fairly a small number of batteries required of a wireless trail camera. The longevity of the cameras battery depends on your usage and on the settings you have set. The camera also comes with an optional rechargeable lithium-ion battery that exists. Lithium batteries are way better than the rest due to its durability and its ability to be energy efficient by itself.

Alternatively you will be given a USB and a 12V jack which you can use to power up your trail cam, you can either plug it into a solar panel or even an external power source if necessary, depending on your usage.


The Skypoint really does put detail in the making of this camera and its speed was no exception, the camera has one of the fastest speed of 0.28 seconds which really is fast. The game would definitely not be able to run fast enough across the camera with this speed. The camera also has a 2 multi-shot mode allowing rapid picture taking in one trigger. The mind behind this is the IR boost tech which makes the camera sensitive to any movement in the detection area and captures it. Perfect for capturing game that is fast and even animals that are really small that can travel quickly.


The detection zone of this camera is about 80 feet, you will be able to take pictures in the range of 80 feet. With this kind of range you will be able to capture game pretty far away from where the camera is placed. Don’t worry about the camera taking farther pictures but with low quality as the camera comes with a 90 feet flash that will aid in making the pictures taken brighter and clearer.

Final verdict

 In a nutshell, the camera is definitely value for its money, the price paid for the camera is definitely not adequate with what you’re getting, this camera definitely boosts consumer surplus. Other important things worth noting is that the camera also comes with a mounting bracket to help with easy mounting on trees or poles. It also comes with a quick start guide to keep you started off and a strap which you can also use to attach enforce the cam on trees or poles.

The camera is also compatible with a 32GB SD card which is unfortunately not included. The memory storage can be maximized if you really know how to set the cameras resolution and video taking capabilities.