Huntooler 3G Review

Editor’s Rating: 8/10


This is an amazing trail camera with really great features. It is easy to use and setup too, this camera can transmit pictures to your cell phone so you can plan out your hunting activities for the night, just what you need to save your time and energy to go to the spot to take the camera yourself.

The camera is also IP66 waterproof so you don’t have to worry about the conditions surrounding it. It comes with a very helpful 2 inch color display which will help when you need to have a quick view of the picture and easier setting experience. Not to mention the two available sending methods of pictures either via email or MMS to your phones.




This camera by Huntooler really does perform well in terms of its picture taking ability, with its 16MP camera it outperforms many other competitors in the trail cam industry.  The camera is capable of taking pictures in crisp conditions and really does have great depth to it. The Night Vision feature really does help in making the pictures taken during nighttime clear and bright. Although the pictures taken are bright there should be no worry on the animals being deterred away as the animals will not see the invisible IR. It has an overall great personality in terms of picture quality and does deliver the results you expect from a 16MP.


The Huntooler does also perform exceptionally well in terms of the videos it produces, the videos are recorded in full 1080P HD and make for great hunting and surveillance experience. The videos taken at night come with great depth and contrast which will give you an almost real-life experience. The videos taken at night are also incredibly beautiful, recording at 1080P makes the videos look really natural without any blurriness whatsoever. There has been some complain about the video duration not being too long but it still does perform its function as a camera overall really well.


The camera requires 12 AA batteries which is pretty standard in the industry given its size and features. Surprisingly, with a 16MP resolution this camera still has an exceptional battery life, it is said to be able to last 8 months with a single change of batteries! This is an absolute time saver and is extremely energy-efficient.

The camera also comes with an advanced battery box which is designed to be completely water proof which helps keep the battery from exposure. It is however still recommended that you use lithium batteries because they have an overall great longevity and is rechargeable.


It comes with unprecedented speed compared to many cameras out there. The camera comes with a 0.7 second burst shooting trigger time which is really fast for a burst mode. A camera has the responsibility of capturing images and videos as quick as possible to avoid the game from going anywhere once the trigger has been set off. You don’t want to have pictures and videos of tails of the animals but to be able to see the sex and species of the animals.


This is most probably the feature Huntooler took the most time to create as it has amazing capabilities. The camera comes with a 940nm black LED which allows for detection of far places, the camera can detect the game from 60 feet away thanks to the IR LED flash that comes with it.

Along with that is the 110 degree PIR auto-sensing detection angle which allows to maximize the detection area. This would be suitable for places where it is wide and large, the game would not be able to escape the scope this camera offers which is above the average.

Final verdict

 This camera has been an overall great performer, in every aspect the Huntooler delivers exceptional and quality pictures and videos. The features that come with the camera makes it superior above many competitors which is pretty envious to say. Buying this camera would definitely fill in the needs you have and in more than one way. Don’t hesitate to get one of these as the price tag that comes with it is affordable and some would even say cheap.