Cuddeback Cuddelink Review

Editor’s Rating: 8/10

If you’re looking for quality and a complete high-end product as a wireless trail camera then this is for you. The camera by Cuddeback is definitely a trusted one as they produce a large array of cameras which really does stand out in the trail camera industry. This particular camera has a dual-flash which you don’t see that often.

It comes with a high resolution camera which uses only a fraction of the number of batteries you see in other cameras. From the appearance itself you can tell that the camera is easy to operate and easy to use as it is small and compact. It also comes with advanced EZ setting controls, a time-lapse feature, a burst mode and video with sound.




Probably the feature most sought out for in this camera is the 20MP camera that really does produce exceptional pictures that are both clear and sharp daytime or nighttime. The dual-flash really does help in making the pictures clearer than any others out there. The 20MP really does distinguish this camera from the rest, being a small unit it still does pack some punch in its features which is rather surprising. Not forgetting the invisible infrareds that also helps in making the pictures clear and almost free from any blurriness especially during nighttime.


The Cuddeback captures video in full HD and has exceptional quality to it however based on many hunters it is said to be a little blurry at night but not by that much. The videos also come with sound so you can really have a good experience watching your footage.


This camera only requires  4 D batteries to operate, this would be, by far the least battery consuming wireless trail cam in the industry. Even with such little number of batteries the camera is still very efficient and lasting, with 4D batteries the camera can last to up to 12 months!!

This makes the camera really cheap in  terms of maintenance compared to many cams out there, the camera can take up to 10,000 images with the use of 4D batteries before it dies off, this camera really does appeal to those of you looking for energy efficient cams which require little upkeep. However the numbers mentioned may vary according to your usage, more videos and pictures during nighttime would drain the battery out more than it would in standard conditions.


This camera features the industry leading 0.25 second trigger speed which is really on the top range of cameras. The speed of this camera really does trump many cameras out there which are larger and more expensive. Along with that is the 1-2 second recovery speed of the camera which is not very fast compared to some but still ensures that you are capturing high-quality images. There’s really sometimes no point in being quick but having outcomes that are not up to expectation.

If you know how trail cams function then you would know that sometimes faster recovery time may actually produce blurry pictures compared to slower recovery times. In addition to that is also the 20MP camera which delays the recovery time as each picture is taken with higher power.


The list of things this camera can do really well doesn’t stop, the camera has an incredible 100 foot detection range which really does impress critics and hunters out there, being a really small camera, it is still able to detect long distances. You don’t have to worry about the pictures being dark at that range as the flash has a capacity of about 100 feet too which will illuminate the game no matter where it is in that range producing high quality pictures.

In addition to that is the cameras 0.25 to 0.50 miles and up to 1 mile transmission range which means the camera can detect any other trail cameras around which then can be checked from a single camera. The 940nm BlackFlash invisible LED’s also help a lot in the 100 feet detection and flash.

Final verdict

Overall this camera really packs a punch being so small, one thing worth mentioning which you would probably need explanation to is the Wireless Network Cap which is the cameras ability to check each of your trail camera(when you setup more than 1) from a single, strategically placed home camera.

By doing this you can reduce the contamination zone you may make when you keep going to your trail cameras. You may have up to 15 remote CuddeLink cameras connected ensuring low intrusion level and the smell/noise humans may leave when checking the cameras. The camera really does accommodate many of your needs through many aspect but the WNC would probably be the most distinct feature you would find here.

Getting this camera would save you a lot of money in the long run and is definitely easy to use and handle. The camera is also compatible with a 32GB SD card which is really efficient and lasting.