Covert Blackhawk Review

Editor’s Rating: 8/10

Most distinctly is the cameras data plan option that dwarfs most other competitors. Some users find that this camera is one of the cheapest cellular camera to operate, depending on their needs. The cost can of course increase with the video transmissions, though, each video costs 0.07 cents to send.

The camera would first send a photo then you can decide if you would want the video to be transmitted too, according to your preference. The camera has a good technology to it and operates with 4G.




This camera can capture still images in a 13MP resolution. The daytime photos are clear and impressive, with good color and contrast to it. The pictures at night are really good due to its 60 invisible LED’s which lighten up the surrounding area allowing you to obtain clear and bright pictures. With this camera itself you would be able to get pictures equivalent to 20MP cameras due to its quality of technology.

On the flip side however, is a tad of underexposure which may be annoying to some hunters but  also lends itself to enrich the dark areas. The image quality is overall good and enough for clear bright pictures.


The video quality of this camera is really good, with a 1280x720P resolution. This allows for high-quality video both day and night. The no-glow infrared flash also helps in making the video recording really pleasant and clear. For most of you out there who places emphasis on video taking instead of photos this camera would be really suitable, the MP’s aren’t too high that it would drain out your battery or your memory.

The camera has a mid-range resolution that is more than enough. Along with the video feature is the time-lapse mode which will enable you to see the photos you’ve taken throughout the day in a short video. Be reminded that the videos are also wirelessly transmittable to your desired device.


The camera has a fairly long battery life and require only 8AA batteries to operate. Based on many hunters who have been using this camera or those who have been testing it, the camera can actually outlast many other competitor cameras with the same number of batteries and sometimes even more.

The battery life really does depend on your usage. The modes you choose, the pictures and videos you take during day and night . Overall the 8 batteries do last long and would be better if lithium batteries are used instead of alkaline ones. The battery of this camera can last up to 2 months in the right conditions.


This camera has a trigger speed which may not really be attractive, it has a 0.8 second trigger timing which may be pretty low compared to other cameras  in the industry. The recover speed may also fall in the same category with a 40 second plus recorded time. These numbers may not be impressive but if the usage was for surveillance purposes rather than for game then there would be no problem at all.

If there were to be intruders, they can’t possibly be passing the camera under 1 second, impossible. The problem encountered here would most likely be due to the high resolution camera which would take some time to recover before being able to take more pictures.


With the cameras built-in 60 invisible LEDs the camera can detect distances of up to 100 feet which is a number well over average in the trail camera industry. The long distance the camera is able to cover allows for maximum security in getting the pictures you want. If you have a camera with a detection range of 80 feet you may be really disappointed if the animal was just 5 feet outside the detection zone.

On the other hand is the no-glow IR flash which has a range of 80 feet covering most of the detection area. You would be able to brighten the entire surrounding area to get pictures and videos that are really of good quality.

Final verdict


Being a wireless camera, this one by BlackHawk really does temp one. You can remotely view and receive images and manage the camera via a AT&T cellular plan. Everything else being impressive and outstanding, the videos are sometimes unimpressive, exhibiting nice color and clarity on still subjects in daylight.

The movements usually produced by animals causes pixilation both day or night. Other than that, this camera is really modest priced and produces pictures that are competent to many other more expensive ones out there. The data plans are probably the best feature of this camera as they are really cost-efficient and valued for money.