Browning Defender 850 Review

Editor’s Rating: 8/10

This is an excellent trail camera which really does perform well in many conditions. This brand is one that is very much recognized and is definitely trusted. This is a wifi operated camera which is pretty rare to find and has several downsides to it. It does have an outstanding detection circuit along with a very easy setup.

The camera, very oddly, requires a CR123 battery which is not very much known to others and is not really easy to find. For a wifi operated camera, it actually lasts pretty long  compared to many others out there. It also is able to transmit photos to your phone when you are between 50-100 feet from the camera.




The camera comes with a 20MP camera which is pretty high for cameras in general. With this number of megapixels you can really capture details in a game and really be able to identify its sex and even species. The pictures taken are said to be really clear and have amazing quality even after being transmitted to a mobile device.

Although the pictures may seem compressed on your mobile phone, the pictures on the camera itself won’t be and would have extreme clarity to it. The camera can be used both during day and night for picture taking as the 20MP really does pack a punch. Using this camera would really give you a feel of what it means to be a wildlife photographer as the pictures can be said to be equivalent to their standards. 


The camera comes with a video resolution of 1920×1080, this is extremely high for video recordings and is definitely a huge plus. You would not usually see a camera with resolution so high in the market, this becomes a huge benefit to those of you who loves video recording.  The video has a red glow IR which also helps in making the videos look vivid and bright.

The video recordings also include sound which further makes the viewing experience realistic and enjoyable. The videos are overall well-illuminated, has great contrast and has good contrast.


The camera runs on 4 CR123 batteries  which is pretty uncommon and disliked by many. The camera would be able to take 35 day photos and 35 night photos every 24 hours and would last up to 4 months approximately. This is a rather long lasting camera in terms of it being a wireless one.

When taking 15 day videos and 15 night videos every 24 hours, the camera can last approximately 3 months. The cameras longevity honestly depends on your usage and the settings that you have put to it. This camera would be really suitable for those of you out there wanting.


This camera really does pack some speed in its trigger timing and recovery timing. The camera by Browning really does place emphasis on speed by its impressive 0.48 second picture trigger time and the 0.8 second recovery time. Both of which that is really fast, the game would not be out of sight of the camera with speeds like this. You can be assured that the game would be captured at the moment of detection!

The camera has a 0.6 second video trigger time and a 0.7 second recovery speed. The camera really is quick in terms of the trigger and recovery, those of you placing cameras in places with large numbers of fast moving animals and live nearby the area would definitely need this.


This defender really does defend, the camera is capable of detecting game that is over 80 feet away without any problems whatsoever. The detection distance is way above average and is super important in so many aspects. The camera also comes with a rather large field of view of 41 degrees. The detection zone along with the FOV combined really does pack a punch in the game camera industry. It would be difficult to miss a game with features this camera comes with. Overall, the camera has excellent detection and with no weaknesses at all.

Final verdict


Brownings have produced a large array of cameras for a pretty long period and the cameras they produce always gains the peoples’ trust. It records top-notch videos and photos, capable of transmitting photos to a phone and is really durable.

The biggest limitation the camera possesses would be the transmission range that is limited to about 30-40 feet. This camera would be suitable if you live really nearby to the trail cam, otherwise, this camera is not for you.