Bigfoot G3 Review

Editor’s Rating: 8/10

This camera may not be as familiar to you as some other brands out there in the industry but Bigfoot really is making a brand of its own, it has simplified the process of connecting trail cameras together efficiently. Bigfoot really does have value for its money, the solid technology and the Bigfoot 3G cellular really does offer you the best for the lowest of price. The camera is next generation that can send both motion-triggered or time-lapse images to your email or even your phone.




The camera features a 12MP camera resolution that produces pictures that are vivid and crisp. The pictures taken during both daytime and nighttime is amazingly good and really does give you more than what you are paying for. The camera is also made to be really flexible in terms of camera resolution, you can choose between 5MP, 8MP or 12MP according to how you want the pictures to be.

The higher the resolution, the more memory that would be taken off the SD card. Although the camera has an invisible flash during nighttime to avoid scaring the animals away, the camera still has exceptional quality for this price range.


The videos captured by this camera also have good quality, the camera comes with a 720P full HD/VGA resolution. It may be argued that the camera does not have a high 1080P resolution but surprisingly the camera really does capture good videos. The nighttime videos are aided by the 56 infrared LED’s which really does illuminate the dark surroundings and produce quality content.

The videos are recorded with 30fps which is also really good for a camera in this range of price. The videos can be assessed through the USB cable provided which can be plugged into the camera and into your laptop or by removing the SD card.


The camera requires 12AA batteries which is pretty standard for trail cameras. The camera is also said to be really energy efficient  so the camera would be able to last up to 3 months on stand-by mode and be fully operational. The camera was built to be efficient and withstand tough weathers. You should however use lithium batteries as they definitely last longer compared to alkaline ones.

The battery usually is drained due to the nighttime video taking, reducing the taking of videos during nighttime is therefore advisable. The 65 feet flash that comes with picture taking at night also contributes to the battery drainage, be a wise user.


The camera is pretty fast being in this price range, it has a 0.4 second trigger speed for pictures which is fast for this price range. The trigger speed being lesser than a second really does capture pictures instantaneously. The chances are slim that you won’t be able to capture the animal on time as animals usually won’t be running at that speed near trees.

Smaller animals may be fast but with the 0.4 second trigger speed, the game can’t possibly be unspotted. The camera also comes with a burst feature which can be completed within 1 second. This camera really does offer a good deal for a price of such.


The camera comes with a large detection zone of about 65 feet, the 56 940nm infrared LED’s really do aid in the far detections. The IR           are really sensitive and has a number which is way above average in this price range. The 65 feet detection is supported with its 65 feet invisible flash that brightens the pictures giving them exceptional quality, you won’t have to worry about far distance pictures being dark and blurry now!

Another feature is the cameras wide angle lens which has a FOV (field of view) of 100 degrees. This allows for the camera to capture pictures and videos in areas which are really wide. The camera really does pack a punch when the detection zone is combined with the FOV, the pictures and videos taken would be really beautiful and you won’t have to miss out on anything.

Final verdict


In a nutshell, the camera by Bigfoot really does perform well throughout. The camera also comes with a 16GB micro SD card which will store the pictures but is also compatible with 32GB ones. The SIM card that comes with the camera is pre-loaded for you that can send up to 350 pictures which can last up to 3 months.

After that point you would have to purchase your own package and you’ll be all set. The camera also comes with a user manual which is really helpful. A note to be taken is that the camera connects to the AT&T carrier. All in all this camera really is worth the investment and delivers just what you need anytime.