Editor’s Rating: 8/10

Another trail camera by Stealth Cam here is slightly better than the others. This camera comes with a 14MP resolution camera. The camera is also capable of being adjusted to four different resolutions depending on your needs. The camera is somewhat special due to its above average number of PIRs that it has.


Key Features

The camera’s matrix comes with an advanced blur reduction which reduces blurriness substantially a lot. The camera also features a “Geo-tag” which enables users to detect and locate their favorite locations using the GPS tagging. One distinct feature of this camera is the DVR mode which deletes all the older pictures in the SD card once the capacity is maximized allowing newer pictures or videos to be taken. With reference to the GPS tagging, the camera comes with a latitude and longitude reading to aid with the location reading

Image Quality

The pictures taken by this camera is needless to say as it comes with a 14MP camera that shoots pictures with maximum clarity. This 14MP camera is also helped by the 45 no-glow infrared emitters which help in making pictures in the nighttime extremely clear and crisp.

The camera is also designed to make it more user-friendly therefore there is a 3 in 1 resolution setting which allows you to take pictures in different resolutions depending on the circumstance and preference. Not to mention the 100 feet flash which also helps in making the pictures taken during nighttime extremely clear and brightened.

Video Quality

The camera is capable of capturing videos in HD and comes with audio. Based on many users the cameras audio is sometimes unclear but overall is perfect for viewing. With the 45 emitters that you can see, it helps make viewing the videos at night possible and with extreme clarity. The camera comes with a 720P resolution with a time-lapse feature too.

The videos taken can last from between 5 seconds to 180 seconds depending on your own preference. It is advised to minimize the video recordings at night however as it would drain the battery inevitable a lot. The amount of pictures that the camera should capture for the time-lapse feature is also a manipulable  variable.

Detection Zone

This would be the area in which this camera shines as the camera is equipped with 45 low-glow LED IR emitters the camera is capable of detecting game that is 70 feet away. This camera performs extremely well in this sector due to its IR emitters which is a number well over the average. In addition to that is the cameras multi-zone detection which enables the camera to detect game from multiple zones of angle and distance which maximizes the cameras detection zone and its trigger accuracy.


The speed of this camera is also off the charts with a 0.5 second trigger speed. This less than a second trigger speed allows the camera to capture game in its tracks. Many other cameras have trigger times that are really slow which results in fast moving animals unable to be captured or sometimes partial body parts of it only being captured. The overall recovery time for the images is 3.4 seconds and 2.6 seconds for video. The camera is really quick in the sense of the triggering but is relatively slow based on recovery time.


The camera requires 8 AA batteries to fully operate, the lithium batteries are more likely to last longer so get them at all cost. The battery tray should also be fastened in properly to ensure it operates once you try turning it on. The cameras tray is also notched so you don’t have to worry about the orientation of inserting it. Alternatively you can use a 12V power jack which is also provided to plug into other power sources if necessary.


The camera is capable of reading SD cards up to 32GBs which allows you to maximize the amount of time you keep the trail camera outside. The cameras setting on megapixels play a large role in how long the memory card will last. To put into perspective with the usage of a 2GB SD card and a 14MP resolution the camera can take up to 333 pictures followed by 47-10 second videos and on the other hand with a 32GB SD card and 14MP resolution the camera is capable of taking 5333 images and 752-10 second videos.

According to those numbers you can tell that both factors play an important role in maximizing storage space so it is up to you in deciding the numbers for each category.

Final verdict

This camera is definitely worth the money spent on it. It has a large detection zone and incredible clarity in both pictures and videos. The camera would be really suitable to those of you wanting something of good quality but in a smaller price range.