Stealth Cam 30IR Game Camera Review

Editor’s Rating: 8/10

This affordable trail camera is in a lower price range in the trail cam market, it is ultra-affordable  and comes with an 8MPcamera. Although the camera comes with 8MP some smart phones out there come with MPs that are lower than 8 and yet perform extremely well, the number of the MPs therefore don’t really matter when it comes to quality if you see it that way. The camera also comes with an external 12V power jack so you can use an alternative energy supply is needed.  This camera can become an early investment for you before you venture out to get high-end cameras that can go up to thousands of dollars.



This camera from Stealth Cam really does do the job with its ability to withstand temperatures of  14-140 degrees fahrenheit  with 20-85% humidity out there in the wild. With its triad 3 in 1 technology you are given the liberty to choose between the different resolutions you may want in your camera.

The camera also comes with what’s called Geo-Tag which enables you to track and locate the favorite locations with the optimal GPS tagging. Another key aspect of this camera is the secure-lock feature that has a digital protection when the password is enabled.

Image Quality

The pictures this camera captures are from an 8MP resolution camera. The numbers may be deceiving as the 8MP camera is capable of taking very detailed images which would allow you to identify the species of animal and even the sex. With it’s advanced blur reduction, pictures taken with the camera would have good quality with as much clarity as possible. As mentioned earlier, the cameras 30 LED IR is a low-glow which means pictures taken during nighttime would be clear and brightened.

Many users have mentioned that the quality of the nighttime photos are equivalent to many high-end cameras out there. With the additional feature of this camera you can choose the resolution you desire, you can choose between 8MP, 4MP, 2MP and 0.5MPs. The feature was mainly meant to give users the chance to maximize their cameras storage as higher resolutions take up more space.

Video Quality

The camera comes with a HD 720P resolution that captures vivid and natural images. It also captures video in sound which have good reviews by customers all the time. This camera is also equipped with a time-lapse video option. This allows you to have a recap of all the pictures taken in the course of the entire day in a short video. The videos recorded by this camera can range from between 10 seconds to 180 seconds depending on your preference.

Another point to take down is that the time-lapse video taken can also be adjusted to choose the resolution you desire. Due to the cameras design, videos at night will only last for 30 seconds which was intended to conserve the battery.

Detection Zone

The camera has a detection zone capable of covering 80 feet in length. This number is above average for a camera with this price tag. The long distance detection is possible through the 30 LED low-glow infrareds, it detects the game the moment it comes in range. The camera also has a 16:9 wide screen image format which is essential in capturing extended field of view. Another important aspect is its multi-zone detection which covers multiple zones of angle and distance to maximize trigger accuracy.


The camera is equipped with a trigger time of 0.75 seconds which is also super-fast for this category of cameras which maximizes the accuracy and clarity of the shot that’s captured. A note worth taking by the manufacturers is that there is a PIR-delay which is used to determine the length of time the camera will wait before reinitializing its PIR sensor for the next shot. This is important as the trigger speed changes with any other adjustments that you may do to it.


This camera is compatible with up to a 32GB SD card storage. To paint a picure on the usage and the potential of the memory card with the amounts of pictures taken, with a 2 GB SD card and 8MP camera resolution you will be able to capture 71-10 second videos/384 pictures and a 32 GB SD card with 8MPs you will be able to take 1216-10 second videos/6144 pictures. Once you get the camera you can set the camera to any of your preferred camera settings of storage and resolution which will be adequate with your requirement. 

Battery Life

The camera requires 8 AA batteries to operate, it is advisable however that you use lithium batteries to maximize the batteries life span. Once you have filled the battery tray be sure to insert it into the bottom of the camera securely as many people get this wrong and worry about the cameras activation.Alternatively you can connect a 12V battery box to the bottom of the unit under the AUX POWER 12V DC casket.

This camera has said to be very energy efficient as Stealth Cam engineered the G30 to optimize energy efficiency which prolongs the life of a single set of batteries, ensuring more shots and less maintenance issues.

Final verdict

This camera also comes with very easy-to use-set programming which makes it perfect for those of you needing something affordable, efficient and operational. Additionally, from many buyers out there mention that the purchase of the unit will surpass your expectation of it so don’t hesitate to get this camera that is surely a value for your money.