Moultrie M50i Review

Editor’s Rating: 8/10

Moultrie needs no introduction as a brand as everyone who depends on trust goes to Moultrie. They have manufactured many trail cameras in the past and they do sell well in the market. This particular trail cam is probably their best and most reliable. The camera has its own attitude and has an appearance that is different from many. The camera is very easy to use and accommodates as many of your needs as possible.




The camera comes with a Moultrie Mobile Compatible system that enables you to look at pictures in the cam from the comforts of your home. The camera also has a backlit control which helps you to setup very much more easily in low light conditions. You can receive updates from the camera nearly anywhere once the camera captures an image. Another key aspect is the illumi-night 2 sensor which helps take pictures or videos that are exceptionally bright and detects game with extreme sensitivity. The camera is covered by a Moultrie White Oak camouflage which is proven to be very effective in blending in.

Image Quality

The camera comes with a huge 20 megapixel resolution and based on many hunters have really good quality to it. The resolution of the camera is also aided by the various sensors of the camera that brightens the pictures to clear and crisp condition. Low-light conditions are not a problem for this camera, the software of this camera is designed to adjust to the surrounding brightness very well. However, most of the Moultrie cameras have a slight defect when it comes to capturing pictures of green color, the pictures tend to be unrealistic at times. Other than that the cameras’ ”Motion Freeze” feature helps to reduce the blurriness pictures may produce during capture.

Video Quality

Video quality is dynamic during both daytime and nighttime, the videos taken really do mirror how the place actually looks like with the naked eye. The cameras’ 1080P resolution helps with producing bright and clear pictures. However just like the pictures the video does react pretty weirdly with the green color making it a little cringy. Due to the pretty good flash the videos during nighttime are bright and clear. The videos do come with sound but with some “feedback” in the sound produced. The camera also comes with a time-lapse feature allowing you to view all the action from the days’ pictures in a short video.

Detection Zone

The moment this camera trumps all else is through the detection zone, the camera has an amazingly large 110 feet coverage for detection, a number that you will rarely see anywhere else. With a detection range that far this camera really does out-perform all its competitors. With a detection area way above average this camera would be perfect for users wanting as many pictures and videos as possible. Along with that is the cameras detection angle of 43°, the detection angle is fairly large enough especially with a detection area of such distance. The camera would be capable of capturing pictures and videos that many other cameras cannot imagine to have. Be reminded that this detection distance is the maximum it could go all thing held constant , to be safe, don’t expect this distance every time a shot is taken. The flash of the camera can go up to 80 feet which is also above average.


The camera comes with incredible speed that is competent to all the high-end cameras in the market. The cameras picture has a trigger time of 0.25 seconds and a recovery speed of 11.3 seconds. The camera has a slightly slower recovery speed but still fast overall speed due to the trigger timing. The video has a trigger timing of 1.95 seconds followed by a 2.6 second recovery time which is fair for the cameras high resolution camera.

Battery Life

You will need 8 AA batteries for this camera which is pretty standard in the industry. The battery tray is really easy to load and unload due to the design put to it. It is also really power efficient as the camera can take up to 19,000 images with the batteries installed but may vary with your usage. Lithium batteries are advised to be used as they last longer and can withstand harsh weathers.


The Moultrie uses SD/SDHC Class 4 or higher memory cards and is compatible with 32GB SD cards at maximum. Unfortunately upon purchase there will not be a given memory card. This camera with a 16GB memory card and the native 4MP photos can take up to 19,998 pictures and  774 10 second videos. The numbers depend on your usage and your settings of pixels, the pictures taken during the day are in color so may take up more memory compared to the nighttime monochrome pictures.

Final verdict

Moultrie has definitely kept up to our expectations and has a lot going on with the camera. The picture quality is amazing and the videos are impressive, clear and realistic. The camera may need some time for adjusting as it has many functions that are slightly complicated. This camera truly is a durable and strong one which can last for many years to come.

Suitable for:

  • People looking for a trusted brand
  • People looking for bright images and videos