Moultrie A40 Review

Editor’s Rating: 8/10

This game camera is another top selling product of Moultrie, this camera comes with a 14MP camera and comes with various types of functions that help make it different from the others. The camera produces picture quality that is like no other for the price range it is in. This camera would be really suitable for you out there wanting an amazing experience with a camera and having to pay only a minimal value for it. Great investment I would say.



The camera itself is said to be made to be more user-friendly which is shown through the back-lit controls and an intuitive interface which makes the setting up of this trailcam extremely easy especially when in conditions with low-light. The easy to use interface has been very much praised by many as setting up these cameras in the woods or in the dark isn’t an easy task to do.

The camera is also Moultrie Mobile compatible meaning that you have access to the latest pictures that are shot by your camera from the comfort of your home without having to go to the camera to retrieve the SD card.

Image Quality

The pictures provided by the camera are needless to say are spectacular, with its 14MP Illumni-Night Sensor which provides exceptional brightness and clarity especially at night. The camera’s picture quality should be given extra credit as the price paid for this isn’t proportionate for what you are getting. The camera by Moultrie flashed into the market and grabbed everyone’s attention through its 32 black LED’s which prevent the red light from the IR from shining out, keeping the game from seeing the camera or a person for that matter.

You can also set the camera with a delay of 0, 15 and 30 seconds/ 1 or 5 minutes depending on how you want it. You are also given the option of choosing high, medium or low resolution photos so you can save the storage space available to you.

Video Quality

The video quality of this camera is recorded in full high definition with 720P resolution. The overall videos provided by this camera is of great quality especially during the night as the camera is equipped with a 70 feet in-length flash which would help brighten the surrounding area for video. The camera’s video recordings also come with sound adding a more interesting viewing experience for watching. However according to some users the video aren’t a big deal but still good enough for viewing.

Detection Zone

This camera bags the detection circuit area with a whooping 70 feet detection area. This detection area along with its 50° field of view does make this camera superior to many others out there. The field of view isn’t too wide as well to ensure that the camera does not detect unnecessary objects around it that the user is aware of but only to the ones in the 50 degree range interested in.

The detection range of this camera is also aided by the equivalent 70 feet IR flash designed carefully to ensure everything and anything in that range is brightened up for picture and video.


The camera comes with a 0.68 second trigger speed. This ensures that the fast moving game does not go unnoticed. The camera is capable of capturing the image of the game almost immediately detected. On the other hand is the video’s trigger speed of 1.73 seconds that is relatively fast for a trail cam at this price. The longer time is due to the system switching usually from picture mode to video mode.

The recovery time for the picture is 1.1 seconds and the recovery time for the video is 1.2 second. With this speed capable of the camera to produce, more pictures and videos can be taken in a span of time while the game is still in the detection zone.

Battery Life

This camera is powered by 8 AA batteries which is fair as it supports a camera with 14MPs. With these batteries used, the camera would be able to capture about 17,000 images before changing it. Putting it into perspective, the camera would be able to survive 8 months out in the wild if you were to take 35 day pictures and 35 nighttime ones for 24 hours every day/15 daytime and 15 nighttime videos(10 seconds apiece).  

The camera also comes with an alternative power source option so you can plug-in a solar panel or some other source to keep the device alive. To maximize its potential life, lithium batteries are advisable.


A 32GB SD card is compatible with this device which if used with only 2MPs would be able to store 160,000 pictures, wow, This however would be a changing number as the daytime pictures and nighttime pictures require different storage space. More advisably though is a 8GB SD card with 2MPs as this is the closest to the native resolution that could store 40,000 pictures keeping in mind what was said earlier.

With a camera capable of producing this many pictures and a feature to see them immediately at home, it becomes extremely helpful for users who don’t have all the time in the world to check on their ol’ camera in the woods.

Final verdict


This camera overall gives users the experience of a good camera that comes with a small price tag. Its pictures are vivid and people using them love it. The video of the camera isn’t always the best and the detection angle is sometimes mismatched but for the price, you are getting more than you should already.