Elepawl Trail Camera Review

Editor’s Rating: 8/10

ELEPAWL has manufactured this wildlife hunting game camera with a high resolution and amazing night vision. One of the best out there in the market would be this one especially due to its wide detection angle which is different from the others. The camera comes with a no glow feature which helps in maintaining standard surveillance in your premise without being noticed by anyone or anything.

Key Features

The hunting camera features a no-glow technology which does not emit any bright light but takes pictures as discreetly as possible. It also supports setting of multi-shot photo taking if it is preferable by you along with a password protection system to ensure no one else can access the cameras besides you.

The camera also features an alarm which will be set off when the battery on the unit is running low which is really helpful if you don’t have the time to upkeep on the camera from time to time. Not to mention that the camera also comes with a viewing screen. The camera supports 3 modes in capturing, the video mode, picture mode and picture plus video mode due to the built-in LCD display.


The pictures are taken in a 12MP camera. The 12MP really does perform well given that the price offered for this unit is relatively affordable and maybe even cheap. The day and night pictures from this camera is crystal clear but be reminded that the pictures taken at night is monochrome and not in color. For this price range the pictures are full of color and clarity sometimes better then certain cameras with higher megapixels.


The camera comes with a full HD 1080P resolution recording. This resolution makes taking videos with this camera absolutely a joy, the video is of crisp quality and also comes with audio. Just like the pictures taken the videos too are in monochrome during nighttime. The 42 pieces of infrared LEDs really do help in enhancing the quality of the videos during nighttime. Due to the no-glow technology there will not be any bright light shining which may sometimes prove to produce videos that are not really clear, but still clearer than many out there with higher MPs and a no-glow technology.


Most distinctively the camera has a 65 feet detection zone with a 120 degree angle for viewing. This means that the pictures taken can be viewed in an almost panoramic view. The angle is pretty wide and if you observed from the appearance the cameras 3 round black lenses is what detects the surrounding area with the sensors. The distance and degree combined really does make this camera different from the rest, you would be able to capture pictures that are wide and clear at the same time.


Impressively this camera has a 0.2 second trigger speed, for this price range the camera is already performing way above what you paid for. The camera is also able to accommodate the different trigger speeds that you may desire up to 0.6 seconds. The speed is this fast due to the cameras 3 PIR that is highly sensitive and quick. This makes it perfect for capturing pictures in a location with fast moving animals who rover around mostly at night.


The camera operates on 8 AA batteries which is unfortunately not included upon purchase. The camera is said to be able to last to up to 12 months without any additional upkeep. However it does depend on your usage which is mainly affected by video recordings during nighttime which take up most of the battery. It is definitely advisable to use lithium batteries as they do have a longer life span compared to alkaline batteries. The camera also provides extremely long battery life when in standby operation mode.


This trail cam is capable of supporting up to a 32GB SD card. The storage space for this camera is dependent on your usage and depends on the number of videos or photos you set the camera to take during daytime and nighttime. 

Final verdict

 It is a perfect tool for outdoor picture and video coverage. The camera is weatherproof, dustproof and waterproof which makes it an overall amazing camera for a full year use. If there is one thing to take home about this camera is that it can really conserve battery unbelievably well and comes with every feature you can get in any other camera out in the market for a good price.