Day 6 Plotwatcher Pro HD Review

Editor’s Rating: 8/10

This unique trail camera is different from the rest in this list and you can tell from the appearance itself that it is. The camera does not operate like the others that you have seen, the camera records photos to create a time-lapse which enables you to scope out an area before you actually make a hunting trip.

The camera, due to its nature can be used for plenty other reasons ranging from security monitoring and maybe even a building construction nearby. The camera also comes with features that enable you to expand its potential like additional lenses and storage space.




The camera is a really easily manageable one as the programming takes place on a 2.5” LCD display which is inside the camera, it wont take long at all. With that screen you can choose the time interval from 1 second all the way up to 60 minutes based on your preference.

The camera of the Plotwatcher  has a 1280x720P resolution that produces videos that are crisp and clear. The camera can really perform well in terms of clarity due to its main emphasis on time-lapse video taking which is different from any other scouting camera out there.

This time-lapse camera also comes with a GameFinder software which allows you to sift through the  thousands of pictures taken in the camera within minute. You can play the pictures using different speeds e.g  X1, X2, X3, X4 or X5 . With that it is safe to say that you can sort through all the pictures taken in a day anywhere between 60 seconds.

The camera is rated to take up to a 32 Gig SD card.  On 10 second intervals, the camera requires 864 megabytes of storage for a single days use.  With a 32 gig SD card, you can have the camera out for 38 days before needing to switch SD cards.


Because the Plotwatcher  functions as a time-lapse recording  camera there will not be a particular detection zone or trigger timing but will take pictures every 5 to 10 seconds from dawn to dusk. The camera’s main goal would be to help hunters analyze a potential spot for hunting without being there in presence. Due to the nature of the camera there will be a continuous picture-taking sequence which comes with the knacks that you wont get anywhere else, you will be able to see the wildlife walk past the camera and not miss a single thing about it. There will not be any worries on how the game may not be in the detection zone or whether the camera can take a shot quick enough before the game gets away, this camera lets you watch as if you were present.


The camera comes with 8 AA batteries which perform extremely well. The camera’s battery life based on Day 6 can last up until 4 months and based on many others, is true. The camera takes time-lapse and lasts for that long, Day 6 really put thought in making this small machine.


The camera is rated to take up to a 32GB SD card. This means that there would be adequate amounts of space in the camera to take continuous pictures. To be put into perspective on the usage, with a 10 second interval between pictures being taken the space needed would be 864 MBs which means you can have 8640 pictures taken assuming a single image is 1MB. The camera can last up to 38 days being outside without upkeep.

Final verdict

The camera by Day 6 really does offer something different from others but is equally demanded for. In a nutshell this camera is efficient, effective and definitely reliable. If you need something that takes pictures continuously and sums it up into a video as if you were there then this camera is just for you.