Cuddeback Black Flash E3 Review

Editor’s Rating: 8/10

This trail camera by Cuddeback produces excellent quality images, the E3 shoots color in the daytime with monochrome during nighttime. This camera does the job when you need to scout out the patterns of the movements in the wildlife setting. The exceptional resolution also allows for detailed pictures and videos allowing you to keep track on birds, deer, foxes, rabbits and even the smallest critters. The camera has a black flash carefully designed to keep the game from noticing the camera and taking off from the scene.


key features


The camera is overall packed with interesting functions, the Black Flash technology used as mentioned earlier can illuminate paths of up to 50 feet in distance. It comes with separate day and night delays allowing maximum control over the camera. The fully customizable time-lapse also adds on to the customizability aspect of trail cams. Not to miss out on the burst mode of the camera and video recordings that come with sound.

image quality

The camera performs really well in this aspect due to the high resolution camera. The pictures are taken with an advanced low-light CMOSA image sensor to enhance the color and clarity of pictures and videos. In addition to that is the low-light performance of the camera extends night illumination range which is well thought by the manufacturers which also reduces the infrared motion blurriness.

Zooming into pictures would still have amazing quality to it as its pixels per picture is really high. Another point worth noting is that the camera comes with two different image formats, the standard 4:3 full size images and the 16:9 widescreen images.

video quality

The camera records in 720P HD which covers a wide field of view due to its Zone Control which allows you to choose between two fields of view, wide and narrower. The Zone Control is really helpful in making sure you capture the desired view. The camera captures video with a frame rate of 15 fps for daytime videos and 8 fps for nighttime videos. The daytime videos are of excellent quality but unfortunately based on many the nighttime videos suffer some blurriness.

The videos can record up to 30 seconds with an optional 10 and 20 second recording if desired which can be set in the settings. The videos include sound which has good quality to it, being able to record noisy surroundings with a clear and tamed tuning. You are also given the liberty of choosing either video taking only or a capture of an image followed by a video recording.

detection zone

The camera is capable of detecting game that is in a 50 feet range under the right conditions. This distance is followed by the 50 feet flash that the camera also produces to ensure a clear brightened image shot. The Zone Control plays a role here too for the detection zone as the different fields of view would affect the image being captured, wider zone setting would be able to capture distant game but the flash may not really be on target as the centered setting would.


This camera is special for its upper-speed which can take pictures with a trigger time of 0.25 second. The moment the game is detected the camera would operate at lightning speed to take the shot almost immediately. The camera then has a recovery time of about 1 second which is an above average timing. The camera really delivers in terms of speed, animals that are small like birds or foxes travel fast but the camera, performing at this speed would be able to take pictures without trouble.

battery life

The E3 does have a long lasting battery life, it needs 8 AA batteries to operate which is pretty standard in the industry of trail cams. However cameras that use AA batteries last longer compared to ones that use C or D batteries. This camera is capable of lasting a full year without upkeep, with an estimation of 10,000 pictures being able to be captured under normal use.

The battery life does change due to the settings the users may set for the camera or also the weather the camera is placed in, nevertheless the camera would be able to last an entire season of hunting with no problem.


The E3 comes with a pretty standard compatibility, the camera can operate with up to 32GB SD card memory within. The camera’s resolution being high would be perfect with a storage capacity as large as this. Interestingly the camera comes with a “no card” mode which was created to accommodate those of you who may have forgotten to place an SD card within.

This is because the camera comes with a 150MB storage space within capable of taking 100 pictures which would be helpful if you need to retrieve the SD card and go home for a quick picture transfer. That way there would be no time wasted and no game going out of sight.

Final verdict

 The camera is not too pricey and offers a great deal of features. The camera can really perform well both day and night with a great battery life. Hunters out there looking for something affordable and packed with features and a great camera, this is for you.