Campark Trail Game Camera Review

Editor’s Rating: 8/10

This particular model T45 is Campark’s best performing Low Glow trail camera. Since the camera has a wider angle for the detection and capture of images and videos this camera would be really suitable for people who are doing hunting in a place that is large in both width and length. This camera all in all no matter what use you put it to, will provide you with crisp and stunning pictures, whether you are using it for hunting or even surveillance the camera is extremely versatile, easy to use and also reliable.




The camera by Campark has exceptional personality to it. The cameras overall benefit is that it can detect moments of up to 65 feet. Secondly, the camera also comes with high resolutions in the aspect of the camera itself, allowing you to take pictures that are in immaculate condition.

Thirdly the camera has an overall easy to assemble body which makes things easier for the user, you, to set up and leave it to do its job. Another key aspect of  the camera is its waterproof, sturdy and resilient body which makes it long-lasting and also a money saver.


Picture quality is probably the feature most of you out there are looking for. The camera comes with a staggering 14MP camera that would deliver results that are better than some phones or tables out here in the market. The 14MP camera has the dimensions of 4416x 3312 and is saved in the form of JPEG. Be reminded that the higher resolution means that there would be more space taken off the memory card.

A key worth noting too is that when you get the camera there would be many options on the mode the camera will be on. The camera has a video+picture mode where the camera would first take a picture then continue on with the video recording. The camera would also be on power saving mode and the screen would turn off during recordings. Check out more on the user manual if there are still confusions.


The camera comes with a 1080P resolution that makes video taking at night and day really useful. The pictures you take will not be grainy and have less blurriness to it. This feature is definitely a huge bonus if the cameras main purpose for you is taking pictures that are overall , of great quality and has an immaculate detail to it.

Along with the cameras capability itself the cameras 3 PIR’s come to very good use to the camera in a whole in many aspects and in this case the videos that are recorded will super clear viewing. Not for getting the 42 pieces of 850nm invisible infrared technology that enables HD viewing of the video and at the same time protect the camera from being spotted when taking pictures that would deter the animals away. The video is saved in the form of AVI.


The camera’s detection circuit is up to about 65 feet. The distance matters, why? Because if you are only able to shoot up to 45 feet for example the game may be 55 feet away and you would’ve missed it just be 10 feet, that’s a shame and a large disadvantage. The camera comes along with a 120 degree wide angle lens allowing you to have an almost panoramic view of the location before you. The camera would detect any animal that crosses that 120 degree parameter and take the shot you need. A note here is that the camera would be accessible for you to change the width of the angle you need between low, medium and high.


The speed of the camera is worth bragging about, with its super -fast 0.3 second trigger speed you would be able to capture animals moving at fast paces and have a clear shot of it. As soon as the game reaches the vicinity of the cameras detection zone, BAM a shot is taken and BAM you’ve got the perfect shot.


This camera is a lasting one thanks to the power-efficient product itself and its 8 AA battery slots that come with it. Why’d I say power-efficient? Because the camera can even operate if you were to only put into it 4 AA batteries instead of 4 and still be operational. That depends on your use too.

Distinctly this camera comes with a unique “low power” feature that helps to capture your images even when the battery is low. This is possible as the camera automatically shuts down the nighttime picture and video taking as the night time LED infrared flash usually takes up most of the battery within.


This camera is compatible with a 35GB micro SD card. This would mean that leaving your camera in the woods with a full pack battery can last to up to 12 months without you needing to upkeep with its memory card changing.

Final verdict

 Overall the Campark does pack a punch to all the other cameras out there in the market. The camera is the strongest of its kind with a hard outer shell that can withstand tough weathers. The key features to be proud about is its crisp and articulate images it is able to capture or record both day or night. This trail camera would do the job just for any of your needs out there in the wild or even at home.

NOTE: In the box you can find: 1x Hunting Camera, 1x Belt, 1x Tree Mount, 1x USB Cable, 3x Screw, 1x User Manual, 1x Support Card.