Bushnell Trophy Camera Review

Editor’s Rating: 8/10

Bushnell is a brand that is known widely by everyone in the hunting industry, the brand has been one of the most popular among people in the game camera, research and wildlife observing industry. This camera is perfect for everyone out there who needs an eye out there in the woods.

The camera performs extremely well with its high resolution camera and many other features that make this camera dynamic in many sense. Distinctly, the new pre-set menu choices based on locations along with the illuminated 5 way button control panel makes this the best Trophy Camera based on the manufacturers.




The camera comes with a field-proven design which comes with a removable “ARD” anti-reflection cover for the LED, which also adds a newer more futuristic design. The camera also comes with an improved latch and strengthened cable lock for maximum ruggedness. The most special feature about this camera is its super-fast ability to capture pictures which is truly a tough competition.

Both the picture quality and video quality is also a highlight for this camera having numbers that many others out there have not yet made. With the new Trophy Cam series, the nighttime photo range has also been extended. This camera by Bushnell really does pack a punch for the competitors.


The camera comes with a 20 megapixel camera which is interpolated. With a camera resolution of that sort, the camera is capable of taking breathtaking pictures that are almost perfect. However there has been some fuss about the cameras lack of ability to adjust with the surrounding brightness sometimes which causes some clarity malfunction.

The camera is able to operate during nighttime and produce exceptional images thanks to the red glow infrareds which help brighten the pictures to stark quality. Based on a user of this unit, the camera really does perform well during nighttime and out-performs many others with the low-glow LED feature which serves up the brightest night vision in pictures.


Alongside the high quality pictures is its high quality videos which is recorded with a 1920X1080P resolution. The video recording includes audio and has been said by many to be really good but just like the images it captures the videos don’t adjust to the brightness really well. There might be some picture blurriness if the recovery time of the video is maximized but otherwise the videos by Bushnell really does deliver.

Video quality here also depends very much on how you choose to set the device, the recovery speeds and trigger speeds really do matter in ensuring the pictures captured are of good quality based on the given situations. This is because the surroundings are changing and adapting tom nature is a process which you must help the camera make.


This camera is known for its details and the camera proves so with its sensors engineered to detect rangers of up to 80 feet in length. The camera yet again out-performs many other cameras out there usually with a 65 feet detection zone.

Its detection angle is 43.9° which is pretty narrow but intended to focus on the chosen area and is especially suitable for terrains. The detection zone which yields that distance is accompanied by the flash which is now brighter than ever. The worry of the far detection ability being useless without clear photos does not have any room here with Bushnell.


The Bushnell has unparalleled speed in terms of both the trigger timing and recovery. The camera has a picture trigger of only 0.15 seconds along with a 0.98 second recovery speed. The lowest in the numbers and the highest of its quality, the camera really does function as a killer-speed machine, the game would not go out of sight. The video trigger has a 0.73 second speed along with the 1.8 second recovery speed.

The video does perform relatively well given that it captures with a 20 megapixel camera. Just as mentioned earlier due to certain settings the user, you, may set to the cameras’ recover timing the camera may not actually follow. The timing is sometimes inconsistent with what is set which isn’t huge difference but there still is.


Bushnell has made the camera to be very energy efficient and can last up to  a year without any battery changing, which depends heavily on the MPs set in the camera. Higher the resolution, more the power taken to capture images or videos, especially when using the video mode during nighttime. The battery required of the camera are 8 AA batteries which would last longer if using good quality batteries like Duracell and Energizer, to maximize battery-life you are also advised to use Lithium ones . Alternatively you can use an external battery jack of 12V which can be plugged into the camera if necessary.


The camera has a capacity of taking a 32GD SD card but with a 8 GB SD card and the camera taking images at 8MPs you should expect 1711 pictures on the SD card. With a 8 GB SD card and the camera taking videos at 8MPs you should then be expecting 571 10-second videos.

From this it is clear that it is completely up to you on how you want your storage to be maximized of its space. If you intend to take the same number of pictures all with 20 megapixels then you would probably need a 32GB SD card, the changes you desire can all be made in the settings.

Final verdict

Bushnell really does deliver the results we seek in a camera with 20 megapixels and a brand of its own in the industry for a long time. To sum up, the Bushnell is efficient, dynamic and powerful .