10 Best Rangefinder for Hunting 2019 – Reviews

A rangefinder is a tool which essentially helps you to “find the range” of the specific thing that you are looking for which in this case would be animals such as bucks, elks or even wild boars.

The rangefinder you use would serve the purpose of calculating the distance of the animal in meters/feet or any other metric you choose from the place you are standing in. You would look through the scope the rangefinder has and have a precise distance measurement.

Very important for those of you out there using a bow because its really not that easy to estimate the distance of the animal with all the mist or dust that you often times see in hunting grounds, the terrains and the slopes of the place may also affect your estimation so don’t be too sure of your naked eyes even the best hunters out there need one of these.

Besides that it’s even more important that you know what you are buying for your hunting activities, there are very distinctive features that both hunting rangefinders have from other rangefinders such as golfing ones.

Below we have devised a rangefinder guide which will explore the many aspects of a one that will help you in making a decision on what is best for you when purchasing.

Our Top Three Picks

tectectec prowild
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  • Tectectec Prowild
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  • Vortex Optics Ranger
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nikon aculon
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  • Nikon Aculon
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Important Aspects To Consider


Rangefinder are naturally small devices that can be easily handled and moved around, some smaller and some bigger than the others. Most hunters would usually use a lanyard for their rangefinders while out hunting which makes it very easily accessible and quick. Some hunters may also want to keep their rangefinders in their bags or even pockets.

Most rangefinders come with a lanyard slot which makes it, generally a device which can always be suited for your needs. The point to take with you is that when you purchase one you should be sure that it is suited for your needs as a hunter, some rangefinders even come with a belt clip and some even with flip cases so be sure that the portability of the device can accommodate all your needs.


Being a hunter, travelling with the least amount of weight is really important, when you choose a rangefinder you would have to make sure that it is light and suitable for you.

While having a light  rangefinder is good it also means that when you hold it in your hands you may actually have trouble holding it straight and to have it fully supported, often times holding very light materials would only lead to shaky hands which will not be the best thing to happen when you are tracking down an animal.

Choose a rangefinder that is somewhere mid-range, not too heavy not too light, just right.


As this is the process of enlarging or bringing closer the object that you are looking at from the rangefinder you will know that this is very important. Being able to look at further distances really does help with your hunting activities, a magnification of 5x to 7x will be the least amount you need to have a clear look at the object/animal you are targeting.

Having higher magnification is at no situation a bad idea, you will be able to see more, what’s bad with that? Be sure you do your homework on what you will need in your hunting activities, higher magnifications usually have higher prices too but its worth it.


Does size matter? It does when it comes to rangefinders, some rangefinders can be pretty much larger compared to the other ones and finding the size which is best for you is important.

Sometimes when the finder is too small, people with bigger hands wont feel comfortable holding it and likewise for people with smaller hands. Choose what’s best for your capacity and your capabilities.

Scanning Mode

This is a mode that rangefinders usually come with, they allow you to scan the field of view before you and see the distance of the animal change as you scan e.g, when you see a deer get closer to you from where it first was, the rangefinder will follow the deer’s movements so you don’t have to keep looking at the rangefinder to make new distance checks.

This is great help to any hunter out there, it reduces both your time spent while also increasing your efficiency.


Probably the most important aspect of a rangefinder that people look forward to, as the price of these rangefinders have a range of its own the prices are pretty moderate considering the features that they offer.

Rangefinders can range anywhere between 80$ up to 500$ and it comes down to the brand and quality you are going after, they essentially perform the same functions but they usually come down to the specifications such as the battery life, the durability and overall quality which we will see as follows.

Display Quality

With a rangefinder in hand the priority is to spot the animal or target and measure the distance of it from where you are but you will also want to see what exactly is that animal or target that you are planning to shoot. With a clear magnification and display you will be able to tell the type of animal and also know the sex of it.

Which comes down to the magnification and clarity, some may have magnification but clarity is another thing. Having an unclear rangefinder will often times lead to eye irritation so get yourself a good rangefinder to avoid all of that.

Battery Life

A good rangefinder will have a battery life that is more lasting compared to other rangefinders and that is exactly what you should be looking for, as this entire article will list down the top best you’ll be seeing rangefinders with really good longevity in terms of battery life.

It is important to have a rangefinder that is lasting because unlike other hunting aid the rangefinder is a game changer, whether you have the right estimate to shoot or not. Therefore be sure that you choose a rangefinder with a good battery life but also be sure that the battery life is comparatively fair with the features it comes with, you don’t want to have a rangefinder that has minimal functions with crazy good battery life too.

It also comes down to your usage, more you use it the faster the battery drains out so don’t be too disappointed if the rangefinder doesn’t last long if you were using it throughout the day while sharing it with your hunting buddies. Be a wise consumer they say.


Just like anything else you buy you must be sure that it is both durable and long lasting but the chances that a rangefinder will get more damage than other stuff you buy is much higher as you will be going out hunting with it. Finding a rangefinder which can take a few hits when you are out there in the wild is important so you wont have to spend more money purchasing another one once the one you have is damaged.

Be sure that the rangefinder you get is strong both internally and externally, loom for units that have a hard outer shell and a system within that can withstand a few drops and hits on the ground.

Water Resistance/Proofs

Weather is everything when you go out for your hunting activities, when you go out hunting you are going to have to face rains and bad weather conditions inevitably, you therefore need to get a rangefinder which can withstand the harsh conditions. If you have a water resistant or waterproof rangefinder you will be ensured to have a more lasting rangefinder.

Usually, the rangefinders get spoilt easily due to moisture and humid conditions which will affect the batteries within it, protecting the battery and the internal magnification system is the priority and what makes it last. So be sure to read the IP of the rangefinder when purchasing one.

Ease Of Use

The usage of these rangefinders are usually most when you spot an animal in a distance and you’re ready to take a shot, you immediately take it out to measure the distance to be sure that your initial estimate is right or to check the distance itself so you need something that is easy to use and not take time because, you don’t. The lesser the buttons you see on a rangefinder, the easier it is to use. You will also have to ensure that it is easy to read and has an overall clean viewing.

Some rangefinders come with features that allow you to measure the climatic conditions, the altitude and also the time which all come to be really handy to take your shot later on, using one of these obviously takes time, you will have to learn the skills and the angles which will get you to see the target immediately when you put your eyes against it.

My Take

Rangefinders are without a doubt a great tool when out there hunting, it makes estimating your shots easier because the rangefinder will be able to estimate the distance the target is at. With one of these with you, your performance will improve and most importantly get you the shots you need.

With all that has been already mentioned you are now safe to go and purchase the rangefinder you always wanted or needed. The TOP 10 below will be a list of only the best rangefinders you will be able to purchase so check them out and be on your way for your hunt with the best in hand.

Top 10 Best Rangefinders 2019

1.Tectectec Pro Wild Hunting Review

This rangefinder comes with incredible features which all work together to make one great piece of equipment while out hunting. Firstly, this rangefinder comes with a laser range which is really accurate, with a +/- 1 yard to 500 meters accuracy. Using one of these to look at far distances will not be a problem and you will also experience in-depth clarity of the target or animal you are looking at. The rangefinder also comes with a 6x magnification which is all you need for your hunting activities.

Not to mention that the rangefinder is a lightweight 185-gram device which will not tire your hands out when holding it or even when you have it around your neck using a lanyard. With that you will also get a good holding feel to it, solid but still lightweight. Being designed to be compact and small, it has a 104 x 72 x 41 mm size which can easily be slipped into your bag or even pocket.

The body of this rangefinder is designed to be both water and dust resistant which increases its longevity, bringing it out for your hunt in bad weather and conditions won’t be a problem. The rangefinder also comes with 2 button sections that make it easy and efficient for usage. Overall a great help for your hunting needs, you won’t have to be worried in not hitting the target accurately.

2.Bushnell G-Force DX Review

The brand is well known for the reputation that it has, quality and excellence. With the G-Force in your hand looking out for targets will be more simple than you thought it to be. It gives you an angle-compensated reading which is what makes the shots accurate.

One thing to note about this rangefinder is that unlike the traditional vivid display technology this G-Force comes with a red display instead of the black, the colors can also be personalized to your preferred choice between the 4 it has. You can change the colors manually with a click of a button, becoming a very handy tool when you are in different conditions with different lightings.

Along with that is the rangefinder’s line of sight which you can see yourself, with that you can also see the angle of the shot that will be displayed for an approximately one and a half seconds which will soon disappear to present the information about the angle compensation.

You can see a lot of technology going on here can you, it comes with a high-tech core system which all makes your hunting experience simpler. Definitely a rangefinder worth buying for those of you who are looking for comfortability and quality when using a rangefinder.

3.Leupold Rx 1200i Review

This rangefinder by Leopold is the best edition it has created, with new and improved technology which you won’t see in its older rangefinders. Impressively the rangefinder comes with a technology which allows you to account for the wind when you try to detect the target which means that when you shoot you will be able to estimate more accurately how hard or fast you must shoot in order to get the shot on target.

This is so helpful as many a times the wind that comes between you and the target is what makes a shot bad, this would apply for those of you who are shooting with a bow more than for a gun shooter.

The rangefinder has a range of up to 1200 yards providing the conditions around is tranquil, what more can you demand for with a rangefinder with a range this far. Along with that is the angle compensated readings, but unlike its older versions this one comes with a digitally enhanced accuracy feature which is a compressor change, accuracy has definitely been a priority in this rangefinder. With the 6x magnification that it comes with you should not be hesitant to get one of these, its worth the money you pay for it  maybe even more.

4.Vortex Optics Ranger 1000 Review

First and foremostly it is worth mentioning that this brand has been in the market for over a decade now and it is safe to say that this rangefinder really has all that it takes to compete with all the large brands out there. The design itself is great, with a rubber coating covering the unit you will be less likely going home with a broken rangefinder if it falls, it absorbs vibrations and impacts well.

In terms of display, it has a LED display with three brightness levels that will give you a viewing experience that is both comfortable and clear for the eye. Accuracy of this rangefinder is pretty good with a 6x magnification which allows you to see far distances with accuracy and also the 22 mm objective lens that further makes the rangefinder clear and accurate.

With a reflective target you will be able to give you a range of about 850 yards while non-reflective ones will give you a 550 yard range. Maybe it may not be as high as the other rangefinders that you will find in the industry but sometimes you don’t actually need that far of a range if you don’t hunt in large places, if it suits your hunting needs then there’s no problem with this one.

5.Bushnell Bone Collector Review

The most distinct feature of this rangefinder is probably its one-button function which is located under your right index finger when holding in hands which makes it way easier to operate. Overall from the appearance itself you can see that it has a sturdy and strong body with a nice camouflage coating over it, allowing you to use the rangefinder in harsh weather conditions and also blending in with the surroundings.

In terms of weight, the rangefinder only weighs 10 ounces which is really good for a rangefinder, easy to carry around in your pocket or even hang around your neck.

The LCD display of the rangefinder is really comfortable to read even in low-light conditions because the readings are all illuminated, suitable for hunting during both day and night! A note worth taking is that the display switches off after 30 seconds without any use which seeks to act as a power-saving system.

Under ideal conditions, the rangefinder will have a range of 10 to 600 yards which is pretty fair for a rangefinder. Be aware however that the 600 yard mark is for reflective surfaces while other non-reflective surfaces will have a range of 400 yards.

6.Nikon Aculon Review

Along with cameras Nikon also produces a wide range of products which are all very much of quality and precision. This rangefinder is definitely a great one in general with many features and innovative designs. Which means that a lot of time was put to create this rangefinder, it is the smallest rangefinder you will ever find in the industry, making it suitable for young ones to use if they are into target archery etc.

With an extremely light 5 ounce body and a dimension of 3.6 x 1.5 x 2.9 inches the rangefinder becomes extremely portable and easy to handle. You will be able to fit this unit in your pockets and feel as if its your cellphone.

The rangefinder is also equipped with a target priority feature which means that you will be able to detect the object that is most furthest from you. Keep in mind that although it has a maximum range of 550 yards under good conditions it would be different for objects that are not reflective.

Along with that comes the +/- 4 adjustable dioptre which helps those of you with problems in viewing. Not to mention the 6x magnification which will be able to track moving object while also providing a goof field of view. Overall the Nikon has all that you need for a good hunting experience out there in the wild, the price it offers makes the rangefinder really worth the buy.

7.Simmons Volt 600 Review

This rangefinder comes with a great LCD display that is extraordinarily great with the price it offers. The rangefinder uses a high-quality optic technology which makes the display both clear and bright allowing you to take down measurements with ease.

Along with that is the 4x magnification that gives you a good field of view for the targets that are close to you, suitable for people looking for something that will fulfill their needs without anything more because you know you won’t be needing it. When the magnification is combined with the 20 mm objective lens you will be able to have superior views of your target with no problems at all.

To make things more easier Simmons created the rangefinder with a single button operation to increase efficiency and speed, the button is aligned to your index finger so when holding it in your hands you will have an easy and no-look target searching experience.

The range offered by the tracker is between 10 to 600 yards with a distance accuracy of approximately 1 yard, the rangefinder will be found to be really accurate and precise in its calculations to say the least. But be aware that that is so when in ideal conditions and will not be the same for targets which are not reflective.

8.Halo Xl 450 Review


This is a lightweight rangefinder which is ideal for all of your hunting activities and is packed with many features that are really interesting. This rangefinder has a range of up to 450 yards which is only possible with reflective targets. Along with that is the magnification which comes with a precision of approximately 1 yard from where you stand, this rangefinder by Halo really does shout out precision doesn’t it.

In terms of design, the rangefinder comes with two buttons which are on/offs and mode changers respectively, you will be able to use this rangefinder real easily without any problems while hunting.

Not to mention its 3 ounce weight that is the lightest we have seen so far, you can really move this rangefinder around easily without any problems, along with that is the body design with nicely molded plastic exteriors and hand grips on the sides which all makes it extremely comfortable to use.

Distinctively, the rangefinder comes with an AiTM which is an angle intelligence technology, with it you will be able to detect slopes too within the range that it detects. It is worth noting that you will only be able to measure in yards or meters only. Definitely a rangefinder which would be worth the investment, it comes off to be a good rangefinder that is worth the money you pay for it.

9.Laserworks Pro Review


The rangefinder itself is a really good unit that comes with several unique modes, that being you can display both the vertical and horizontal distance of the along with the gradient between both top and bottom. The measurement range of this tracker is something that is to be proud of, you have a 5-1000 yard range which you will rarely see in rangefinders.

Not to mention the fog mode that it has, this allowing you to get ranges even in thick fogs. The rangefinder has a magnification of 6x, keeping you very well equipped with all that you need for hunting. With that is the 21mm objective lens that keeps your viewing both bright and clear.

With a size of 4.2 x 2.9 x 1.4 inches and a weight of 7 ounces you will be carrying almost nothing with you when you go out for your hunting activities, travelling light would be prioritized with this one. Another feature is the automatic power-off after 15 seconds if not used, this would help a lot in saving the battery life.

Along with that is the waterproof body, it would be able to withstand harsh weather conditions and remain functional without any worries. It is overall a really durable and tough rangefinder suitable for all the hunters out there or even golfers!

10.Atn Laser Ballistics Review


Definitely a rangefinder different from the rest, this being due to the fact that the ATN rangefinder having a 4.1 bluetooth connectivity which allows you to connect it to your smartphone. Other than that the rangefinder comes with a high-end class 1 IR laser that allows you to range from anywhere between 5 to 1093 yards , having that much distance available to you shooting long distance shots wont be a problem anymore.

Not to mention the inclinometer that is used to gauge the angles from where you stand to the target itself with great accuracy and precision. It also offers a view angle of 7.2 degrees with a precision of approximately 1 yard/meter, amazing accuracy.

Because the rangefinders’ information is intended to be seen on the smartphone you will not have any sort of clutter in the LCD display as the information you see won’t come out all at once. You will be able to see the details on the angles and measurements on your smartphone before taking the next shot.

With a weight of only 5.5 ounces you can be assured that this rangefinder will feel extremely light in your hands and easy to move around. Really suitable for shooters rather than bow hunters as it is designed with a longer range of detection.


All the rangefinders already mentioned have their very own feature which is distinct from the other. You can take your time and consider the ideal rangefinder which will be able to suit you in your activities. Regardless of the type of rangefinder you buy they perform the same tasks, to improve your hunting game, to help you measure long distances and give you an estimate on the target’s distance.

Although some rangefinders may be more compact than the other or more accurate than the other you must be sure of the purpose the rangefinder is supposed to fulfill.

The price is inevitably usually the decision-maker in buying things, in general but some rangefinders here, although may be a little pricey have features that would actually really be worth it, you will be able to enjoy every bit of the money spent if you invest in something that is really fruitful and rewarding. Hopefully the guide you have read so far has been of great help to you in your decision making!