Garmin Oregon 650T Review

editors rating: 8/10

The Oregon 650t is another relatively small handheld GPS tracker by Garmin, with its repeatedly small GPS navigations produced you can tell that the aim is to make it easy to carry and handle while hunting out in the woods. The 650t comes with a 3 inch screen that is contrary to the normal trackers which are difficult to read, it comes with a sunlight-readable feature which enhances your experience while you are out hunting.

The photos taken by the tracker is also really clear due to the 8MP camera that it comes with, the camera is a digital with an autofocus feature. Along with that is the strengthened screen which is made to resist impact, not to mention its dual orientation screen, you can use either a horizontal or vertical display according to your preference.




With a 3-axis built in compass and an accelerometer, the 650t will be able to show the direction you are headed to even when you are not holding it or standing still, built for real life conditions is what the tracker by Garmin does. The tracker also comes with a built-in USA topographic data including places like Hawaii, Puerto Rico and even Alaska.

A worldwide basemap with shaded relief is also included for a great hunting experience in the woods. Not to mention the preloaded TOPO U.S.A 100K map that will aid your hunting experience substantially a lot. The screen is also made improved with the glove touch feature, allowing you to access the screen even when you use your gloves while hunting.


Interestingly, the Oregon 650t comes with a dual battery feature, probably pretty familiar to the Garmin users already is the devices ability to last long hours out in the woods. With an included rechargeable internal NiMH pack the  650t can last up to 16 hours a day with a full charge, suitable for those of you hunting long hours usually.

Additionally is the 2 AA battery slot that the tracker comes with which acts as an emergency battery power source. With the combination of the both your tracker would be able to last up to a total of 22 hours! That is really long given that it comes with so many features. The batteries can also be used interchangeably, either the internal source or the external double A batteries. It is advisable that lithium batteries are used as they naturally last longer and is more durable.


The 650t comes with the BaseCamp software which lets you to view and organize your maps, routes, tracks and even your waypoints before you go out for a hunting activity. You will have great accuracy with the electronic 3-axis compass that it comes with too. Along with that is the trip-planning software which allows you to create what’s called GarminAdventure which allows you to share with your friends and family.

Planning hunting is now made easier with Garmin’s continuous efforts to improve our lifestyles. You will also be allowed to transfer unlimited amounts of satellite images to your Oregon when its paired with the BirdsEye Satellite subscription. The interface of the device comes with a high-speed USB and also NMEA 0183 compatible!


With the Oregon you can share your particular tracks, routes, geocaches and waypoints with other Garmin device holders which are compatible up to 50 times faster!  You can download all the caches you want from the internet, do it all with your favorite program or website that supports GGZ files. Not to mention that you can also share large files like photos and custom maps with friends or family with the 650t. The GarminAdventures that you can find on the device also allows you to plan trips with your friends and family before going out for hunting!

Final verdict

The 650t is an overall great device with all sorts of features and functions you can find in other GPS trackers too. It comes with a preloaded US TOPO 100K upon purchase along with a NiMH battery pack, a USB cable, an AC adapter, carabiner clips and of course the documentation and user manuals.

Another feature many would have out-looked is the flashlight that the 650t comes with and also an activity tracker which you can use to evaluate all your hunting trips to the woods and be up to date with your schedules. The 650t comes with a price that many would not fancy but the price pays off.

Suitable for:

  • People who want something reliable
  • People willing to invest in a big purchase for the long-run