Garmin Montana 680T Review


Another addition to the GPS family by Garmin is the Montana 680, it has a large screen which would be suitable for those of you having trouble looking at small fonts on screens.  The large screen is usually associated with difficulty in looking at the information during daytime but the screen in Montana is clear and bright for you to see any time of the day. It also comes with an overall rugged design to it which makes hunting in in deep woods and risky path ways a worry-less thing.

One thing worth mentioning about this GPS tracker is its extra battery power feature, you would not see this very often in GPS trackers out there. It comes with a lot more special features like geotagging and a waterproof body.

Key takeaways:

  • Small in size
  • Easy to carry around and highly versatile




The Geotagging  feature of this tracker means that you can record the map information of your trip, along with that is, most importantly, the trackers ability to coordinate the pictures that are taken to the locations you have been in. Notably, the tracker has great accuracy in its tagging ability, going back to the place  that you have already tagged will be accurate to 40 inches from the actual spot!

Along with all that is the trackers 8GB of memory space that comes with it, you would be able to snap pictures freely without being afraid of draining out the storage memory. Not forgetting the IPX7 waterproof rating that makes the tracker both durable and reliable in any situation, hunting during rainy seasons should not be a problem.


Most distinctly, the tracker comes with a special feature of having additional battery storage capabilities. Although it comes with a rechargeable lithium-ion battery you’ll additionally have a space underneath for 3 AA batteries which will be able to boost the longevity of the tracker. Its battery life would be 16 hours on its own but with the additional 2 AA batteries the tracker would be able to last for another 6 hours!

With a total of 22 hours you will be able to hunt the entire day without any worries whatsoever. Even if you don’t need that much battery life you’ll always have it as a backup storage. The battery life of this unit is above average, if you hunt for long hours sometimes this tracker should do the job.


 The Montana has a dual satellite coverage which means it incorporates both the GPS system and GLONASS system, with that, connecting to the satellite from any part of the world would not be a worry, you would not get lost in the woods while trying to navigate back home. Along with that comes the WAAS and Hotflix features which means that the tracker would be sensitive in picking up signals quickly and efficiently from anywhere that you are.

Not forgetting the TOPO 100k maps available to you and the Birdseye satellite imagery subscription for an entire year! It is used in conjunction with the BaseCamp software which really does make the Montana superior in its mapping game.


Montana comes with a software which enables you to connect the tracker to your computer, this would allow for incredible amounts of customization to the routes you are planning to hunt in and also help in downloading the maps and information from both the Birdseye and TOPO features. Along with that, the tracker comes with an audio-out jack which you can use to listen to the instructions given by the tracker via headphones.

It also accommodates the ability to configure your tracker to a “one touch” operation, allowing you to focus more on the tracks that you are in, meaning with a single touch you can switch from a topographically detailed trail map to a street trail map when you are returning back to base or home.

Final verdict

The Montana is a geocaching friendly device that allows you to be tracked by friends and family. It supports geocaching GPX files so you can download geocaches and details straight to your unit. It allows you to store and also display information like your location, terrain, difficulty, hints and also descriptions therefore you won’t have to be entering coordinates manually thus saving up time.

Along with the track manager that helps organize and navigate through routes, waypoints and also track logs! You therefore won’t have to be worried buying on of these from Garmin. It’s an all-round friendly device that is suitable for all hunters out there.

Suitable for:

  • People hunting for long hours
  • Hunters who travel light