Garmin Montana 600T Review


This handheld hunting tracker by Garmin features a dual-orientation screen, meaning that you can use this sat nav both horizontally and vertically according to your own preference, it becomes handy while walking in the woods and you need a different point of view while reading the maps. It is also a glove-friendly touchscreen device which removes the problems you would face when using touchscreen trackers, hunting during the winter made easier.

It also has a crystal clear enhanced high resolution display which makes the tracker extremely good for viewing during the daytime. With all that being mentioned, the Montana  is therefore a little more expensive than most of the trackers out there, with the wide range of benefits come its costs too. It comes with a large variety of interesting features too like the wireless connection feature and the camo design it comes with.


key features


The Montana comes with a 3-axis compass with  a barometric altimeter, while hunting you will be given accurate and detailed information on the place in which you are in, the altitude and also show the direction in which you’re moving in without any movements required. Along with that is the plot barometric pressure feature that allows you to keep an eye on the changing weather around you from time to time.

The design itself makes the Montana resistant to harsh conditions, dust, dirt and water will all be a problem that you should not be worried about while carrying one of these. You can also use one of these anywhere you want with the different mounts that it is compatible with, you can attach it to your wrist band or even hang it to one of the bags you carry while hunting.

battery life

With Garmin being its producer and a price that is slightly above average, lot of thought has been put for details. You will be able to maximize the battery life of the Montana and use it an entire day as it comes with a rechargeable lithium-ion battery pack with an additional AA batteries which you can load into the tracker.

The additional batteries will act as an emergency option if you happen to be running low on battery while out hunting. You can choose to use them interchangeably if you desire too, either the lithium-ion batteries alone or the double A’s.


The Montana comes with the BaseCamp software which lets you to view and organize your maps, routes, tracks and even your waypoints before you go out for a hunting activity. Along with that is the trip-planning software which allows you to create what’s called GarminAdventure which allows you to share with your friends and family. Planning hunting is now made easier with Garmin’s continuous efforts to improve our lifestyles.

You will also be allowed to transfer unlimited amounts of satellite images to your Oregon when its paired with the BirdsEye Satellite subscription. The interface of the device comes with a high-speed USB and also NMEA 0183 compatible! Not to mention its ability to provide both sun and moon information too.


This tracker by Garmin allows you to share your tracks, routes, geocaches and even waypoints all wirelessly to your friends or family who have Garmin GPS systems that are compatible. You will keep the people close to you always watching you even when you go to places that are naturally dangerous and risky.

Along with that is the WAAS-enabled GPS receiver  and the HotFix satellite prediction which is highly sensitive, enabling you to locate your position quickly, precisely and also maintain its GPS location in the most dense and heavy covered forests or woods. You can count on the Montana to get yourself back to safety after a long day of hunting. It also supports the geocaching GPX files enabling you to download geocaches and also details straight right to your device.

Final verdict


Upon purchase of one of these trackers you will also be given a USB cable, an AC charger, a full lithium-ion battery pack and most importantly a user manual, the manual would be important as the tracker has a slightly long learning curve but it shouldn’t be a problem in the long run. 

With its fully customizable homescreen, a re-orderable menu option, advanced short cut features and adaptable features included in this GPS tracker, it becomes superior to a huge range of GPS trackers out there, the tracker has it all, really it does, navigating with the Montana will be a fun experience and one that will help you a lot in your hunting activities. The price may put a small dent to your budget but the outcomes the device can produce is rewarding, don’t hesitate to get one of these from the stores.

Suitable for:

  • Hunters who are tech-savvy
  • Hunters looking for detail and precision