Garmin Foretrex 401 Review


The Garmin ForeTrex is a generally small device which comes with many features, it has been used by many world-wide for years now. That is why we consider this as one of the top Hunting GPS Tracker. As this is a GPS device its main purpose is to allow you to navigate through the woods when most needed or as a reference tool. As the device is small and lightweight it is easy to use and moved around especially when you are in situations that aren’t very comfortable.

The screen size of this particular GPS may be small but it depends on what you are looking for, if screen size isn’t an issue and you  can see well without a large screen then its all fine.




With Garmin being the producer of this device,  attention is given to details and the details are what we love. It comes with a screen resolution of 100 x 64 pixels which is pretty clear, looking at the tracker during daytime would not be that difficult or taxing, during nighttime, it would be clear enough to be looked at even at a distance.

It also features a water resistant design which allows you to use the GPS when you are in situations with water involved, crossing a small stream of water should not get the GPS broken. The resistance is a IPX7 which is pretty good and reliable in many situations. The screen size is about 2 inches with a 4 color gray which is designed to make viewing the screen clear and bright.


The ForeTrex requires 2 AAA batteries which you can usually find in the convenient stores, with that you can use the device up to 17 hours, when you go for long hunts, the tracker will not fail you. The ForeTrex also offers other modes which allow you to expand its battery life, with the UltraTrac mode you would be able to use the tracker for up to one whole week and with the watch mode you will be able to use the tracker for up to an entire month, this is when the GPS mode is not in use but left alone to the modes mentioned, that’s seriously long. In case of any battery shortage issues that may arise it is always safe to carry along a spare battery.


As Garmin is the best in the market, they deliver our needs, as you may already have heard about the GLONASS and GPS systems, the ForeTrex is compatible with both of them and additionally another one, the Gallileo system. That is a system by the European union similar to the former two pre-existing systems.

With that being said you are now assured to have a satellite connection virtually anywhere, when one does not work you have two more to explore. The reliability of this Garmin is therefore made firm, no worries about its functionality and operating systems.


The ForeTrex maximizes the ways in which it can help make the lives we live better, it allows you to connect with your smartphone to access several functions. Once connected to your phone you will be able to use the tracker more as a “smart watch”. Just like how one of those watches function nowadays when connected you will be able to receive email, SMS and other smartphone notifications.

This would be a handy tool while hunting as you would not have to check your phone for calls or messages while using the tracker. You will be able to connect to the tracker via Bluetooth and the Garmin Connect app.

Final verdict

The Garmin ForeTrex has a lot of features that would excite you, getting one of these trackers would complete your survival kit when you go out for hunting. This would be suitable for those of you looking for something with the most basic functions but pays attention to details and usability. With the standard Barometer and Altimeter functions available to you with this device you have the essentials of what you seek in a GPS tracker. Not to mention the trackers weather indicator through the barometric sensor which comes in pretty handy.

It can be used as a handheld device or if you prefer, a wristband when your hands are full or tired from all the hunting done during the day. An overall great product by Garmin, definitely recommended for hunters looking for something small, simple but yet detailed with quality.

 Suitable for:

  • Beginners looking for hands-on experience with a GPS
  • Something simple but powerful