Garmin Etrex 20X Review


The Etrex is a naturally small handheld GPS tracker that easy to carry and handled, it comes with a clear resolution 240 x 320 pixel display which increases readability substantially well. Reading the information on the tracker would be easier and quicker with a screen like this. The 2.2 inch display also comes with a 65k color resolution which further enhances your reading ability during daytime.

It is particularly famous for its cheaper than usual prices you see in GPS trackers, it is still a tough and smart device that can accommodate most of your needs if not all of them. Also to be mentioned is the easy usage of it, you can mount it to any place you desire with its multiple mount capabilities, as a watch too perhaps if you like.



    It comes with a ,microSD card slot which would be really useful if you have a heavy usage of the tracker while hunting, you may add memory to your tracker when you feel the capacity you currently have does not accommodate your needs. Along with that is the internal storage itself that has a 3.7 GB capacity which will be able to take a lot of information already. A note worth taking is the ability for you to load TOPO 24K and also a Garmin Hunt View within your tracker before you head for the woods.

    Not to mention the BirdsEye satelite Imagery which allows you to download satellite images into your device and integrate them with your device map which unfortunately you would have to subscribe to yourself at your own cost.


    Being a small device you would only require 2 AA batteries to operate it, the 2 batteries that you use is recommended to be either lithium or NiMH ones as they are more lasting and have better durability especially  because you would be in very humid conditions.

    Do not be fooled by the number of batteries though, with only 2 batteries used you would be able to use it for up to 25 hours with a change of new batteries, long day hunting outside in the woods would not be a problem, you can use it throughout the day and still have enough power to return back to the base. Reducing the backlight of the device may also be really helpful in ensuring the battery life of the device is prolonged.


    This device is the first-ever GPS tracker for civilian use that can track both GPS and GLONASS satellite systems simultaneously! Small but powerful is the eTrex, its powerful because instead of using the GLONASS or GPS exclusively alone combining both of it to be used at the same time allows the  device to lock onto 24 more satellites than using the GPS alone, due to GLONASS having the ability to lock onto a position 20% more faster than the GPS can.

    It’s a dynamic duo system that only benefits the user at every cause. Getting yourself lost in the woods is very unlikely with the eTrex being so powerful and effective in its software.


    The eTrex comes with a highly-sensitive WAAS-enabled GPS receiver along with the HotFix satellite prediction, you would be able to locate precisely and quickly the position in which you are and also maintains the GPS in every place possible, as dense at it is. Along with that is the BaseCamp software which allows you to organize and view the waypoints, routes, tracks and even maps before you head out for hunting.

    The software also displays a topographic map data in both 3D and 2D on the computer screen when you connect, that also includes the contour lines and elevation profiles too! The BirdsEye software also comes with the device allowing you to upload as many satellite pictures to your device with the subscription.

    Final verdict


    In general, the eTrex comes with incredibly great features that most of you look forward to in a GPS tracker. With the purchase of one of these you would also receive a USB cable that will enable you to connect your device to a computer or laptop, documentation and also a user manual.

    To get started with this device is pretty easy, there is not much sophisticated things that the eTrex offers you can’t handle. It is made user friendly, small and also functional. With more maps and a clearer screen the eTrex possesses over many out there and yet have a fairly good price you won’t have to worry about a thing!

    Suitable for:

    • Hunters looking for a clear and bright screen GPS
    • Hunters/people looking for an all-round GPS tracker