Garmin 64S Worldwide Review

Editor’s Rating: 8/10

Garmin has yet produced another great GPS device to help all those hunters out there, this is a rugged and feature-filled navigating device that accommodates almost all the demands you may have. The tracker comes with a great connectivity feature that allows you to use it in the most dense forest you could possibly be in, it has a quad helix antenna which makes it stand out among the rest.

If going through deep and dense woods for hunting is a thing for you then this tracker would come in really handy. It comes with loads of other features that makes it different, like the live tracking and satellite features that come with it.




The 64s comes with a high-speed USB and NMEA 0183 compatible feature, speed and efficiency both covered. You would also be able to add maps into the tracker and have up to 200 saved tracks in it. The 64s is built to perform well in any given situation. Not forgetting the 2.6 inch color screen which enables you to read with the sunlight shining right onto it, suitable for both nighttime and daytime hunting!

It also comes with a built-in worldwide base map which allows you to navigate anywhere around the world with the 1 year BirdsEye Satellite Imagery subscription. Also not to mention the BaseCamp software that allows you to plan  your next trip and lets you view organized waypoints, routes, tracks and maps.


This tracker is packed with a punch load of features, beginning with the battery life of this tracker, being a small with an antenna that is pretty huge you’d expect major battery loss but Garmin is all about efficiency. With2 AA batteries used for this tracker you’d be able to have a fully functional GPS tracker for up to 16 hours, an entire day of hunting isn’t a problem.

It is advised that you either use NiMH or lithium batteries for your tracker, they are naturally more lasting and durable compared to alkaline one that are more suitable for indoor usage. Unfortunately, upon purchase the batteries don’t come along so be prepared with some double A’s when you get them.


The quad helix antenna of the tracker makes it really sensitive to reception, along with that is the trackers adaptability to both GPS and GLONASS which makes it almost impossible for you to get lost in the woods. Dense woods or forests usually weaken connections but most likely a worry you wont have to worry about.

Alongside that is the built-in-3-axis electronic compass which is tilt-compensated helping you to see the direction in which youre going in without you making any movements. Worth noting is the trackers photo navigation system that allows you to download geotagged and use them as a navigation point.


The 64s comes with what’s called the Smart Notification wherein you have access to wirelessly receive emails, alerts and even texts from your iPhones. Unfortunately it is only compatible with iPhones that are only 4s and later. You would connect the device to your phone via Bluetooth and receive all the relevant information you would need on your tracker. With that, you would not have to check your phone for messages or notifications while out hunting, it has become an all-round hunting kit to help improve your hunting experience.

Not to forget the feature that allows you to share tracks, routes and even geocaches to compatible devices wirelessly. Your friends or family members would be able to keep track of your location and acts as a security system in a way too. Even when you are lost and probably in a state of not being able to return after a hunt, someone can come and get you to safety.

Final verdict

The 64s by Garmin gives exceptional features that you could possibly want, along with those features come a little something extra too, with purchase of one of these you would also receive a carabiner  clip, a USB cable and also a 1-year subscription of BirdsEye Satellite Imagery.

The subscription would be free for an entire year, you can use and maximize the subscription all year round and purchase it yourself the consecutive years. Garmin really does provide quality service don’t they. With all of that in the box you would be ready and set for a hunt in the woods any time of the year. This lightweight and slim 64s would accommodate all your outdoor hunting experiences.

Suitable for:

  • People who wants an all-round great GPS tracker
  • People who look forward to new technology