SAS Rage Review


The SAS rage is an exceptional compound bow with a price that you won’t believe exists, it’s a very affordable piece of compound bow which you would not be able to find anywhere else. Although it comes with a lower price compared to many others out there in the market it still does deliver in terms of both quality and functionality.

Unfortunately the bow will only be used by right handed people out there going for hunting but that’s a small compromise SAS had made due to the cheaper price it offers to the public. It has an overall great looking outside, having a strong, sturdy and also a comfortable feel to it.

The bow does not come with a casing so you would have to go to a store and purchase one, keeping it in a case is important to preserve its quality and avoid any damages while carrying it around. It is also recommended that you buy arrows that are 30 inch carbons according to what the manufacturer has suggested.



It should be made known to you that the bow itself is manufactured is based in Taiwan, this does not mean that the product is probably bad since its overseas as the same manufacturer already produces compounds for other well-known brands as well! Most distinctively,  the SAS rage comes with a string stop which reduces the vibrations produced tremendously well.

Along with that is an arrow shelf which is included, it is advisable that you replace them as they are not in the best of quality. The strings that come with the compound bow is  51 inches long but unfortunately does not come with a nock or even a D-loop installed to it.

It is also advisable that once you get the compound you wax the strings and cables you have to ensure your shooting experience is smooth without any problems of being noisy or inaccurate.


The SAS rage, once received will come fully assembled to your door step in a 34”x15”x3” box, which comes in pretty convenient for you, no assembly process is required. All that you would have to do is install the sight and also the arrow rest and you’ll be good to go.

The bow itself comes with a slightly adjustable draw length which ranges between 26” and 30”, alongside that is the draw weight which is again slightly adjustable with a range of between 55 pounds and 70 pounds. The draw weight is moderate and would be suitable for anyone as long as you have your own optimum draw lengths and draw weights adjusted for you.  

Alongside that is the weight of the compound which is only 4.4 pounds in total, it may be a little heavy for some but that’s the sacrifice made for a compound that’s priced pretty cheap. If you have a rather large body structure then the compound bow’s weight should not bother you.

It comes with a single aluminum cam system which helps in smoothening the shooting process and make shooting easier altogether. The limbs of the compound is split which is pretty commonly seen in other compound bows too.

Final verdict

The SAS is an overall great compound bow which comes out to be extremely affordable and functional. Not to mention the compounds 70% let off which is really good and up to the standards of high end bows in the industry, using one of these will both make you feel confident and comfortable while hunting.

Along with that is the bows speed that is able to go up to 270 feet per second, a speed that will definitely kill everything before it, bringing this for hunting will not be at any cause a regret.

One thing worth noting is that once you purchase one of these you may need to but several accessories to make the bow more accurate and efficient, you would need a D-loop which works as a release aid, a peep sight that will help you aim correctly by all means, a stabilizer which helps you stabilize the bow according to the weight your body can support, a quiver and last but not the least a wrist sling.

The wrist sling will help you shoot with a more steady and relaxed hand, the weight of the SAS is naturally heavy so the wrist sling will actually come off as being really handy. It all comes down to your preference, personality and also body type, if all of those things check-in for you then the SAS rage will be a great hunting tool all year round.

 Suitable for:

  • New hunters getting into the archery game
  • People looking for an extremely affordable bow