Quest Forge DTH Review


This is a single cam bow which many of you out there love to get your hands on. The brand itself should be made known to you as being owned by G5 which produces bows which are really reliable. They are known to make high-quality compound bows.

It feels very comfortable to hold on to when shooting but the rounded grip of the bow may cause some torque in your hands, you can simply avoid this by having a different type of form when shooting.

With other bows that come with cable slides producing a little rough shots is handled by Quest with its roller slides which are very much more refined and smooth. Additionally, with the adjustable string stops that come with it you will be able to suppress noises and vibrations, perfect for hunting isn’t  it?

The bow also comes with many additional accessories which are really helpful that you will find in the box upon purchase.



The Quest comes with a 6061 forged machined aluminum which pays attention to the durability aspect that you can also see in all the other products by Quest too. Its draw cycle is also extremely smooth, with a draw length of 25.5 inches to 30 inches the  bow comes out to be extremely versatile and customizable.

The customization aspect is always looked out for in bows nowadays as more and more people are coming into the sport, young and old, male and female which Quest has thought well of. Not to mention that the Quest Forge comes with a fluid cam which is also a rotating mod-based cam. With that you would not need a bow press to adjust its single module.

Unfortunately, with a single cam the speed has to be compromised, the speed would be lesser than what you would find in a bow with dual cams. Most prominently the bow is seen as a long-lasting product, you would be able to look at it at an old age and still be able to shoot it, reliable and smooth is what it is.

Packed with features and high quality, the Quest Forge is worth the buy especially with its price tag too!


This bow by Quest comes with an adjustable weight from anywhere between 40 to 70 pounds, it would be really suitable for people who love customizing their bows to suit their own shooting style and pattern. Its axle to axle 32 inch length adds to the aspect of usability, you would be able to use this bow in places that are narrow and tight especially during nighttime with ease.

The brace height is one that is arguable with, it has a 7 inch height which allows for forgiveness to the user but unfortunately makes the bow a little slower than ones with shorter brace heights.

Nevertheless, the bow is able to produce IBO speeds of 315 feet per second, enough to kill an animal easily, a big one too. The speed is more than enough to satisfy all your hunting needs unless you are a hunter aiming for the biggest game out there in the wild. Its 3.9 pound weight is also pretty good considering that it comes with so many features and internal systems.

Final verdict


Upon purchase of one of these you would receive a G5 tool-less fiber optic sight (which has light) that would aid you in your hunting experience tremendously , you would be able to lock into game really easily and shoot with more accuracy.

You would also receive a G5 Halo full containment rest which will also be great help, it would be able to fit any arrow size and it doesn’t wear out like whiskers. The list goes on with a G5 wrist sling which will help you ensure that the bow you are using does not fall out your hands which happens quite often especially to the younger hunters out there. The G5 bow stabilizer and the 0.4 meta peep sight which is also included will help in both eliminating noise/vibrations and help in low-light conditions respectively.

With an extensive list of accessories that the Quest Forge provides you can be rest assured to have a great hunting experience. Don’t forget to be guaranteed a warranty once you have purchased the bow which the manufacturers have provided, this would save you a lot of time and money if anything goes wrong with the bow after you get it delivered to your home. A investment worth the money I would say.