PSE Full Throttle Review


The name really does speak for itself, the bow comes with an amazing speed with a great flat trajectory which really does fulfill the demands you seek in a compound bow. This is why we consider it to be one of the top performing compound bows in the market.

It would be really suitable for hunters that go for big games, the bow would come in really handy to destroy all that’s before it. Interestingly, the bow comes with the fastest speed that you can find out there in the industry, having a 370 feet per second speed, all the competition is almost gone.

The reason for the crazy speed can already be realized through the design you can see that it possesses. With a brace height of 5.25 inches, which is pretty skinny in general contributing to its efficiency and power.

Along with that is the cams that come with it, they are pretty large in general and designed specifically for this model to maximize the power by all means.



The bow itself is made out of strong material, having a body of a 6061 T6 aluminum it also adds on to be a very durable and light-weight. Other than the body which contributes to speed, the bow comes with cams that are actually really aggressive, while that makes the bow go faster and more aggressively just as what most shooters go for, it comes with a cost.

You would be able to feel the weight on the draw while shooting, which may not be a very easy thing to handle if you don’t put much practice into the whole sport. The bow, being one from PSE which has all the technology which you wont  find in many other bows such as the Flex Cable Slide, the Vibracheck Limb Damper Bands and also the Backstop 2 micro-adjustable string stop which all work in unison to produce shots that are incredibly fast and also efficient altogether.

A note to be taken is that you can adjust the draw weights by loosening the screws that are set and also by backing out the limb bolts .There are also no actual flaws that you can find with the purchase of one of these, safe to say that detail has been put to perfection.


Beginning with the draw lengths itself, there is a 24.5 inch to a 30 inch which you can adjust according to the preferences you may have. As mentioned earlier concerning the skinny brace height, which is 5.25 inches would not be everyone’s cup of tea as the likeliness of the string having contact with the shooters’ arms or sleeves is pretty high. Other than that is the draw weights which are available to you, having 50, 60, 65 or 70 pounds at peak which makes for a lot of adjustability and customization.

Not to mention the fact that you have a 10 pound adjustability from the peak. As the speed of the bow is really fast, the draw that it produced would actually surprise you, you will be shooting incredibly quietly, without any hand shock and also very minimal vibrations too!

Also there are no bumps or humps in the draw cycle either, it is all smooth and sleek, designed well by the engineers in PSE. Unfortunately the speed here again may give you some concern on the string oscillation which may be present but the Backstop Lite string suppressor should do the job in preventing all of that. Overall comes with a great design and technology worth investing into.

Final verdict

With all of the things said about the PSE Full Throttle you would be convinced that this is the bow that will answer all your prayers but don’t be too sure of it, it comes with a slightly higher than average  weight of 4.1 pounds which makes it a fall into the more heavy category.

The bow also accommodates the needs or wants you have in terms of appearance too, you have the finishes choice of Skullworks, Solid Black and also a Mossy Oak Break-Up Infinity which all look really stunning, it comes up to on the type of finish that would suit your personality, style or even your environment.

Other things to take note of is also the axle to axle length of the bow of 33.25 inches which you would find comfortable working with along with a let-off of 70% which comes as being really good especially with a speed that it produces.

It may be fast, powerful and efficient in many ways but the handling of one of these would take practice and patience, take your time to consider the purchase of the PSE full throttle. The price also being relatively affordable with other bows in this range.