Mandarin Duck Nighthawk Review


The way this bow looks may be a little surprising and odd but it does just the job you want it to. This bow particularly gives the users the opportunity to use a bow which is small and compact, both at the same time. Those were the reasons why we rated this bow as one of the best compound bows. Furthermore, the design and structure would allow you to carry this bow around easily while out there hunting.

With a length of only 24 inches in total you can tell that this bow would have a different type of experience to offer while you shoot with it, carrying it on your back or in your hands in tight and narrow spaces won’t be a problem, no rumbling bushes that will give your presence away to the game.

With its small size is the weight that comes too, only weighing 4.4 pounds this bow will be able to accommodate the carrying capacity of many hunters out there.



This bow by Mandarin Duck is a triangle compound bow which will be able to accommodate the needs of both the left handed and right handed shooters in general, it becomes handy when friends get along together, sharing the bow will not be any problem in any circumstance.

You can easily switch the orientation that you wish to have by simply adjusting the installation holes on the bow. The bow is also compatible with a 5 sight pin which may come in handy to produce more accurate and sharper shots, even with its small size it is still compatible.

Along with that it is also compatible with an arrow rest and also a take-down quiver which is really helpful in more situations than one. Not to mention the pistol-style grips which you may have seen in other triangle compound bows, the pistol style grips are very much easier to control and hold along with being a solution to a more simple drawing. 

Be reminded that as you use this bow you should be sure every time before shooting that you check the bow as you don’t want to be shooting with any loose bolts which may injure the bow and also you.


Upon purchase of this bow you will receive a package size of 24.4 x 17.7 x 5 inches, the box is fairly large and protective over the product so you don’t have to worry about the shipping and other delivery styles of the bow.

With a total draw weight of 50 pounds you will be able to shoot  a good and decent distance, bringing this for your hunting activities would be a great idea if you aren’t planning to shoot from far distances though. With an IBO speed of 270 feet per second you could say that the bow performs pretty well, although many bows out there usually have 300 feet+ of speed this bow comes with a fair and quick shooting speed.

Many people get this bow as a second one to use for hunting activities that are less demanding of power and accuracy, worth a while for recreational activities and also hunting.

To be noted is that the bow will not be able to support a stabilizer which is a pretty unfortunate thing for some but nevertheless its design itself is not so demanding of one so not having one would not hurt that much!

Final verdict


This triangle bow by Mandarin Duck is an overall great bow if you are looking for something to use for a more relaxed day out for hunting. You will not have to be drained of your energy as the draw weight is pretty small and is overall really light and small.

Maneuverability of this bow is probably its greatest feature as a triangle bow, thick bushes and tight spaces isn’t a problem. Also to be mentioned is the price of one of these bows, coming only under $200 it is a bow worth buying to experience a new shooting style, you don’t have to worry about sharing the bow too as it is ambidextrous!

The bow comes with a solid black color which is pretty much an all-round matching color. A note to be taken is that once you get the bow it is important to loosen up the strings and cables by trying a few shots at least 10-20 times before actually shooting in the ranges or woods to make sure the bow is ready to perform at its best.

Also never try dry-firing the bow as it often times just ruins the bow and increases its wear and tear.