iGlow 55LB Archery Hunting Compound Bow Review


The iGlow is a moderately priced bow which comes with many stunning features that will definitely excite you but the features included are basic but functional, detail has been put on the each feature to be simplistic but powerful in its operation. At this price point, it is considered a great compound bow.

With a really moderate price and a small learning curve the bow is really suitable for those of you out there looking forward to enter into the archery game. Upon purchase of this product you will find it fully assembled with all strings and cables attached too making it a box-out using bow but unfortunately will only be able to be used by the righties only.

Also you would have to purchase some good bow stabilizers and string silencers to make the bow silent when you shoot them which is really important so you don’t chase the game away. The bow also comes with a string stop that is pretty neat and can bring the sounds down fairly well.



The bow by iGlow is produced by the same manufacturers that produce the SAS Rage which is  company that is based in china, although you may find that a little discomforting as it is an overseas product the Taiwanese company has also done manufacturing for many good hunting brands out there and has been doing so for many years so don’t worry.

The price of the bow would be the thing to highlight here as it pretty cheap if not affordable compared to many other bows out there in the industry. With purchase of the bow you will have a bow sight but is not of the greatest quality but still does the job to a certain extent, safer if you’d replace it for a more accurate shooting experience.

The arrow rest which is also included similarly does not perform its functions well so replacing both of these would be a great idea as both of these are important elements that would make your shooting both more accurate and smooth. 30 inch arrows which come with it are not really suitable for your shooting as they are pretty heavy and will hinder your ability to perform well in the range/woods.

Although there are many things of this bow that you would have to replace the price you pay for it is fair for what you receive, replacing some parts of the bow with better quality ones will still be cheaper than getting a really expensive bow altogether.


The bow comes with a draw length of 25 inches to 31 inches, you would be able to adjust the length that you are comfortable with using an Allen wrench which is included. You would also not require a bow press while you adjust the draw lengths which comes out as being pretty useful especially when out in the woods.

Its draw weight can be set anywhere between 30 to 70 pounds  which is a pretty large range, you would be able to use it for many many years. Safe to say that you can grow with this bow and not out-grow it.

The speed that the bow comes with is pretty fast given that its pretty cheap, with a 310 feet per second speed this bow which is not rated by the IBO but mentioned by the manufacturer is fast, just as fast as many other bows in the more high-end section of compound bows, killing the game before you shouldn’t be a problem.

It also comes with a dual cam system and a split limb which is pretty standard in compound bows in the industry.

Final verdict

iGlow has managed to be a great overall bow removing the fact that several accessories that it comes with isn’t the best of quality.

To ensure that the bow is a killing machine out there you would need several other things to complete the set, you would need a good peep sight that fits your stature, a good D-loop which would help in pulling the string back as an aid, a quiver that will help a lot in your arrow transportation and also a good bow case as keeping your bow in an enclosed and humid-free condition is really important to sustain the bows overall lifespan and quality.

With all of that set you will have a great bow complete with all you need to perform well out there hunting. Be sure to wax the strings that you have to ensure smooth shooting and a long lifespan.

Overall the bow is cheap and suitable for those of you getting into the sport for the first time, a great investment. Also don’t dry-fire the iGlow as you don’t want to ruin the bow’s shooting quality and mess the mechanism.