Hoyt Carbon Defiant Review


This compound bow by Hoyt is a stunning one with many amazing features and is definitely recommended to all those of you seeking confidence and accuracy while shooting. It is powered by the UltraFlex limbs and is driven by the DFX Cam along with a half system.

All of which makes the bow incredibly smooth to draw, have exceptional point ability and is well balanced. How it works is that it creates a longer axle to axle which is at full draw that allows better head position and a very much more stable shooting platform.

The bow also comes with a ZT cable guard system which limits the torque produced and the additional dual cable stopper system.  It also comes with extremely light weight and does so without sacrificing any other features.




The bow by Hoyt here is most famous for its hand-laid hollow carbon riser which improves your aim and accuracy, with that is also the innovative technology that the bow comes with. The new limb technologies, cams and also the pockets are all new and improved to aid your hunting experience. Not to mention that the 50 carbon components are hand-laid individually, for precision and high quality.


The bow comes in a 24 to 30 crawls for the draw length alone and it can also be obtained with two-inch increases as well. It also includes all the needs to change out the cams and also the strings for someone who has a different body type to ensure you can shoot both easily and also precisely.

It is to be reminded that the draws would only be as perfect as it could be if you have the right size of cams and also the draw lengths. The poundage of one of these come in from anywhere between 30 to 80 pounds which can also be brought up in 10-pound increases according to your preference.

The beginning poundage begins with a 30 to 40 pounds which can go as far as being anywhere up to 70 to 80 pounds.


The bow was primarily designed to be precise in its shooting, being smooth and also being able to give the user the comfortability. That means that you customizing the bow upon purchase is not an idea that is very good, the best thing to do is knowing your needs and wants before going out to purchase one.

The body of the bow is made out of 3 empty carbon tubes, which contrary to popular belief is harder than aluminum and is woven together. It now becomes a fully firm auxiliary riser with all the advancements altogether. This carbon has multiple times the solidness to weight ratio in comparison to that of what aluminum can provide.

The thermoset carbon that Hoyt comes with has more power without even bending or bowing which erases all the riser vibrations, expands consistency and also the repeatability.

The hollow tubes are also 53% lighter compared to other bows that are solid, with that comes an extra 97% of firmness and the feel of quality in your hands. Also to add the fact that carbon is more resistant to cold conditions, holding one of these would not freeze your arms.  

Final verdict

This Compound Bow by Hoyt really does pack a punch with all the features that it possesses. You would definitely enjoy this bow all round the hunting season and even through your training sessions in the range. This bow also comes with various colors and patterns which would be able to accommodate all your needs.

Overall, this bow really does perform well and is definitely recommended. With the Synergy between the DFX cams and the UltraFlex limbs in the defiant it increases the axle to axle full draw which improves your form, accuracy and comfort. Along with the zero tolerance limb which pockets for precision and accuracy and the zero torque cable guard system that eliminates the torque for a dead-on alignment.

With all of those features being said, you can tell by now that the bow is really made to perform well in every circumstance, bringing one of these for your hunting trip would be a pride and a confidence booster. Suitable for hunters of all ages with the goal of improving out there in the field while hunting. It naturally is an expensive product due to the technology and hardware used for it, it all comes down to your goals and ambitions!

 Suitable for:

  • Tech-savvy hunters looking for detailed technology
  • Hunters looking for durability and strength