Diamond Archery Infinite Edge Review


Archery is one sport with a rather large learning curve. Generally, it would take a lot of practice and time to be good at it. The Archery Edge on the other hand is just designed to serve all your needs altogether whether you are a beginner or an experienced shooter. This is why we consider it to be one of the best compound bows in the market.

The overall design of this product is amazing and overall has a great physical appearance to it. The diamond archery infinite edge comes with versatility and quality that would be worth your money at all cause.

The product is said to also be the best of its brand itself, which comes with extremely great features and usability that is convincingly great. It’s cam system has also been overhauled completely to create a bow that is incredibly smooth in its draw cycle. Not to mention the added stabilizer that makes the bow both complete and efficient.



This compound primarily is made for recreational and also hunting activities, you can use it for both purposes with the final goal of being a better shooter as time goes by. The bow has been extended of its draw length to 31 inches which now allows for a whole new category of longer draws for shooters.

Interestingly, the bow has gone through an extensive and comprehensive process of quality control and is also built with the highest quality components out there, it has also been individually shot measured and also tested to ensure it falls within the standards that diamond archery has in its system. Not to forget that the bow actually comes with a non-transferrable lifetime warranty which would be given to the registered owners.

But be aware that the warranty does not cover all aspects of the bow such as the paint, bearings and also the cables and strings. The warranty also excludes damages that are caused due to personal abuse caused to it such as mishandling, modifications of the bow or even dry-firing the bow.

The bow can therefore be seen as a great investment that ensures your product is not with any defects or even where existent can be replaced.


The bow itself is preset by the factory to have a 26 inch draw length, in any circumstance that you adjust the bows draw length to match your preference it would most likely hinder the full performance the bow is capable of.  

The draw weight itself for the bow is between 70 pounds and downwards, the draw weight can then be adjusted to suit yourself for it, using a 3/16 inch hex you can either tighten or loosen the bolt’s limbs. But also be sure that you tighten/loosen the bolts both on top and on the bottom.

On the other hand is the draw length of the bow, you must be sure that it is adjusted to fit your preferences, the draw length ranges from anywhere between 13 inches up to 31 inches. You can adjust the draw lengths by simply rotating the modules either counterclockwise or clockwise, it usually comes with a 0.5 inch increments.

The weight of the bow which really does affect your overall performance is only 3.2 pounds altogether. The lighter the weight the more control you would be able to have over the bow, it becomes easier to carry when out hunting in the woods.

Final verdict

The manufacturer Diamond has really put a lot of detail and research in producing this top-selling high quality bow, with speeds up to 300 feet per second, the bow really is superior to many others out there. Buying one of these will put you on top of the hunting game while also boosting your confidence and performance.

To be noted is that the bow comes with sealed bearings which means that you won’t have to lubricate the cams by yourself whatsoever. To avoid being disappointed or unhappy with the product once purchase you should first cycle the boy as much as 10 to 20 times to settle the strings as the bow would have been laying in the box for some time, warming up your product is important.

Also to be mentioned is that you should not cross the cables in any other configurations other than the ones set by the factory as it may cause an adverse  effect on your bows overall performance. 

Waxing the strings from time to time is also really important to avoid the strings from wearing out, this would lengthen the lifespan of the bow more than you think it will, trust me.