Diamond Archery Edge SB-1 Review


The bow powered by Bowtech, a trustable and reliable brand as it produces an array of high-quality compound bows. With its appearance in the market with the all new synchronized binary cam system and improved draw cycle speeds the bow is competent to many bows in the industry.

The bow is focused primarily on the draw lengths and draw weights adjustments which makes the bow really customizable and user-friendly, anyone from youths to grown adults can use this bow with no problems whatsoever due to the adjustability.

The speed of the bow may have to be compromised to produce a comfortable and smooth shooting bow which many people out there look for, quality over quantity(speed). With a silent and extremely versatile bow design the SB-1 takes home the prize for being a comfortable and enjoyable bow to use.



The comfortability as mentioned earlier that the bow can produce is further amplified with its molded and bolded-on resin grip which is sufficient enough to get a steady grip and better shooting accuracy especially for those of you with smaller hands.

It may be somewhat uncomfortable for some due to the plastic material its made of for people who are used to wood or metal ones. Its EZ Adjust Pocket System designed for the bow works flawlessly well and provides a benchmark indicator to the draw weight adjustments.

The bow also comes with solid limbs which will be efficient in transferring the energy to the arrow, unfortunately, with those solid limbs attached you will have lesser preload angles and won’t be able to reach a state of full-parallel limbs at draw even with a maximum draw weight.

It comes off as being more suitable bow for practicing purposes, although it would work very well as a hunting bow as well the comfortability it provides would be more suited for a chance to improve on your shooting skills and abilities.

Its silencing package which includes a string stop, a rubberized speed nock and vibration-reducing stabilizers all work in unison while shooting to dampen the sounds and vibrations altogether.


Featuring a 15 inch to 30 inch draw length which can be adjusted from the rotating modules to your preference and body types the bow can cater for all age groups, children can start using this bow for their practicing if they have the capacity to do so.

Along with that is the bows IBO speed which is pretty respectable and fast given that it has an aim to give maximum personalization abilities, the 318 feet per second bow will be able to function as a great bow for your hunting activities any time throughout the year.

The riser of this bow has been made with a dozen of cutouts to ensure that the weight of the bow can be minimized as much as possible, the riser is made out of machined aluminum that makes it really durable, strong and also long lasting.

Not to mention the string stops and cable guide rods which are all held up nicely with a large sets of screws to ensure a long lifespan. Along with that is the brace height which is 7 inches and an axle to axle measurement of 31 inches, both of which help in making the bow compact and easy to use in tight and narrow spaces.

Final verdict

The SB-1 really does out-perform many bows out there which are higher in price because it can do the same while being cheaper still. Recommended for both youths and adults for its versatility and adjustability that has no competition.

Not to mention that the bow also has many colors and patterns to choose from, you have the option of choosing a BlackOps, a Blue Blaze, a Purple Blaze or a Mossy Oak Break-up Country finishes to your bows to add to your personality and style, the finishes are all merged into the riser through the process of hydrodripping which you may have already seen in many other hunting products out there in the market.

You can also choose between the two colors that are available to choose from for the strings! This bow would be a huge yes to many out there seeking to get into archery as a beginner or even those of you who see this sport as being a way to release your stresses and worries as it is incredibly comfortable to use and has all the features you need in a bow.