Bowtech by Diamond Archery Review


This compound bow by Reign is one that combines all of BowTech’s most profound technologies to produce compounds that are quite, smooth and powerful altogether  with a shooter-friendly touch, the bow really does supply the demands every hunter has out there in more aspects than one. The bow is overall smart, comfortable and gives accuracy like none other to say.

The bow also offers a new riser and cam design together with a counterweight system, Outrigger which would offset the bow of its additional accessories to strike a balance. With the FLX-Guard cable containment system it helps in reducing the riser torque amazingly to provide maximum accuracy.

It is also said to be really good to be held in hand, comfortable, the angled and smooth grip really does do the job for the hunters, shooting instantly is tempting.



Most prominently, the bow comes with a single string suppressor, meaning that when you release the bow it would come out as more quitter and will counter the great amounts of vibrations that are produced. Additionally, the Reign 7 is special due to the technology used for it, it is top of the range and highly effective at all cost, it comes with a PowerShift Flip Disc and also OverDrive binary cams which both aim at increasing the accuracy you would aim to have, it reduces both vibrations and the sounds produced fairly well.

Not to mention the Micro Sync technology which will allow the shooter to precisely time the cam position without wasting any time at all in a bow press. Important is also the orientations available to you, whether you are left or right handed, which the compound is both compatible with.


This compound bow comes with an IBO speed of up to 340 feet per second, it is real quick. Along with its incredible speed is the weight ranges which is pretty varied, it comes with a 40-50lbs weight, a 50-60lbs weight and a 60-70lbs weight which makes hunting really flexible for people of different ages and body capacity. It is also to be mentioned that all bows are adjustable from the peak draw weight 10lbs down.

The bow also comes with draw lengths that are varied  anywhere between 25 inches to 31 inches, it also features adjustments in 0.5 inches increments along with rotating modules. By now you would already be thinking if this bow is true, well it is, it is competent in many aspects when  compared to the other high-end bows.

It does not end there though, the compound bow also has a brace height of 7 inches which makes it a comfortable to use by many.  The compound also features a carbon core limb which means that the bow is extremely durable and would withstand harsh conditions, along with that is the weight of the compound which is also really light, only weighing 4.3lbs.

With a weight like that, moving around and carrying a bow would not be a hassle at all. The strings and cables of this bow on the other hand are made out of factory octane.

Final verdict

It is an overall great compound bow which comes with a lot of features that both excites and stuns you at first sight. BowTech is not new to the whole archery business and has put a lot of time and also money into its research to produce compound bows that perform really well and is comfortable to use.

The compound bow also accommodates the physical appearance aspect, you may choose between the six finish options that are available to you, Black Ops, Mossy Oak Break-up Country, Kryptek Altitude, Kryptek Highlander, Gore Optifade Elevated II and last but not the least the Kryptek Raid. All of them look good in general but it comes down to you on your preference and your personality.

It is suitable for both men and women to use as the bowtech is really easy to use, technology made to make things smoother and lighter, anyone can use it. Because of the higher ranging price it would be more suitable for those of you that have had some experience with game hunting and is willing to invest in something that would potentially be a lifelong investment . (compound bows last really long)

With the bow having an 80% let-off and a FLX-guard to it, you shouldn’t hesitate to get one of these.

 Suitable for:

  • Hunters looking for a long-term investment
  • Both men and women