Bear Archery Cruzer Review


This bow is one that will be able to accommodate the needs of all age groups due to its flexibility in the draw length and draw weight aspect. Younger archers can begin with this bow and would not have to purchase a newer one once they grow up, the bow is easily adjustable and will be great for shooting in the range and also in the woods. The flexibility that comes with it, makes it an excellent compound bow.

It also comes with a great overall design and a great look too! The design of the riser is somewhat close to that that you would see in a PSE riser, with the riser of such it produces a smooth and quite shooting experience.

The bow is also lightweight and is of machined aluminum, making it extremely durable. Not to mention the riser that is comfortable, slim and also made to be a target-style grip which improves the accuracy of the shooter and eliminates torque altogether.



The bow by Bear is available for right handed people only but may make sense when you read the price offered, the bow is fairly cheap compared to many other bows out there with the same features or even less. It is also a smooth drawing 4lb bow which will be really suitable for younger archers coming into the sport.

By now you may have already concluded that this bow was made to ensure that the younger generation would be able to start archery with a high quality product in hand right? Along with the versatility that it provides and the MV cam which can be adjusted without the need of bow presses or even modules. Not to mention that the bow is made in the USA which makes delivery way faster compared to products coming from overseas.

The accessories which come with the Bear is all from Trophy Ridge, such as the Trophy Ridge Joker Quick Shot Whisky Biscuit and the Trophy Ridge 4-pin fibre optic sight. The reason being that Bear being a giant in the archery business for years had bought over Trophy Ridge to expand its capacity in business.

Also you’ll get a bow sling which would be attached to your wrist, preventing the bow from falling down which happens quite often especially for beginners.


Starting with an axle to axle length of only 32 inches the bow is already seen as being slightly smaller than usual bows, allowing you actually maneuver through tight spaces and quarters especially during nighttime. The size combined with the lightweight of the bow makes it extremely easy to use and suitable for young teens.

Along with that is the 75% let-off which actually makes it easier to hold at full draw for longer periods. Its double cam system also adds on to give it a more clean and accurate shot. Interestingly, the bow does not use the radical all-new parallel limb design which is used by other manufacturers but rather its own Bear’s Max-preload quad and limbs which produces a smooth and vibration free release.

With a brace height of 6.5 inches, the bow comes out as being a little less forgiving which is further made worse by the short axle to axle length. With its IBO speed of 310 feet per second, it has a respectable speed, shooting one of these out in the woods would definitely destroy  the prey. But be reminded that the IBO ratings are governed by a set of criteria and will not be as stated if criteria is otherwise.

Final verdict

The bow comes off as being a really good one in more than one aspect. Teenagers will have a good time with this bow as it is highly adjustable and user-friendly. Apart from that you should be reminded that if you seek to have a warranty you must register for one online within 30 days from the day of purchase.

Other than that, keeping the bow in damp or humid conditions without a case is a bad idea, you want to ensure that the bow has a long lifespan. You must also avoid using bows which are either made out of wood or fiberglass as they both are not suitable to be shot by the Cruzer.

Upon purchase of it you will not receive a case so hurry and go get one when you can as it is important to keep it in an enclosed dry environment, besides that you would also be able to keep the bow from any injuries while moving it around.

An overall great buy if you ask me, a really affordable product with tons of features, you wont regret it.

 Suitable for:

  • New hunters getting into the archery game
  • People looking for an extremely affordable bow