Best Compound Bow Reviews in 2019: For Beginners, Hunters & Target Shooters

For hunters or even sportsmen looking to go into the wild or the shooting range would know that this is the most needed equipment, no bow, no shooting. But picking a compound bow that fits your style of hunting is of utmost importance, you really have to be comfortable with the equipment you use in order to shoot well. To ensure optimum efficiency when shooting, you need to pick a bow that is comfortable in terms of weight, length and most importantly, accuracy. If you fail to actually choose the right bow there would be several problems arising:

  1. Since these bows are expensive by nature, you purchasing the one not right for you is going to waste you a lot of money for a replacement.
  2. If the bow is too heavy, you would not be able to hunt for long hours as the burden would wear off your energy
  3. Bows hat are also too heavy or just not a good fitting would just create a bad shooting habit.

These are just examples of what you may have to experience if you don’t choose wisely. We have therefore devised a guide on the essentials of buying a bow followed by an actual run-through the TOP 10 best compound bows out there.

Our Top Three Picks

  • Editor Rating
  • iGLOW 55LB
  • Editor Rating
  • Diamond Archery Infinite Edge
  • Editor Rating
  • Diamond Archery SB-1

What Are They Anyway?

A compound bow is a tool that uses a levering system, usually made of cables and pulleys which bend the limbs. They are usually used for target practicing or even hunting. Compound bows are different from recurve bows or longbows as they have a pulley/cam system which gives you the mechanical advantage, this is due to the stiffer limbs that they possess.

These bows are energy efficient, more rigid and more easy to handle due to the technology put into these bows. Another special feature of these bows are the contracting and expanding abilities which enable them to adjust according to the temperature.

Does Speed Matter?

With everything remaining constant, the speed of the arrow is probably the most distinct feature between bows. The more faster it is, the more powerful the shot. With that being said, the science behind it is the arrow being able to fly towards the target on a flatter arc over a given distance as much as possible. This will therefore increase the relative accuracy of the bow when you are aiming.

This means, a bow that can touch the exact target as desired when looking through the scope is a more accurate bow. The flatter the arrow can travel, the longer the distance of relative accuracy. This is essential because everyone wants to hit the target just as they view them from where they stand. The faster the bow, the more accurate it is. Due to many external conditions such as the wind and elevation, the bow will usually not hit the target as we ought to have it. Speed therefore matters when it comes to bows. Briefly, the lesser the arc in which the bow travels in, the more accurate the shots which is only possible through a fast enough bow(a good bow compound).

Bow Compounds 101:

Limbs: This is the part of the bow that stores and releases the energy through the flex produced.

Brace Height: The brace height is the somewhat “throat” of the grip and the string when at rest. The more shorter the distance is between them, the longer the distance from the string and arrow, therefore longer the contact between them. On the other hand, the shorter the brace height is, the longer the time where the string applies power to the arrow, which will maximize speed. Longer the string in contact with the arrow, more movement from the shooter can be transferred to the flight. Therefore, shorter the brace height, the less forgiving for shooter error to occur.

Riser: This is the part that holds the limbs together and also provides a place for the handle which mounts things like the stabilizer, the arrow rest and the sight etc. This part should not flex at all, is light and strong. Also known as the ”chassis”

Cams: You can have one cam (in which case there’s an idler wheel on the other side, it just spins without doing anything), two cams or hybrid cams. Single cams are easy to pull and easy to adjust, but not that fast. Two cams are harder to pull and harder to synchronize, but are as fast as possible. Hybrid cams give you the power of two with the ease of adjustment of one.

Cables: This is the connector to the limbs of the cams which enable them to pull on each other.

Cable Slide: Another important aid to the cable is the slide which holds the cables off to one side, away from the arrows path.

Bowstring: This part would be used to rotate the cams and flex the limbs which, when released, would launch the arrow. The bow nowadays are made out of space age material, which stops it from stretching.

Regular Compound Bows

For compound bows, they use a leverage to store the energy in the flexed limbs which is a mechanical advantage already. As you draw your bow the energy is stored and transferred to the bow which will then be seen through the release. This being the reason why it travels so fast.

On the other hand is traditional/normal bows, whether it be recurve ones or longbows, they store the energy directly. When you draw the bow further, the more energy will then be transferred to the arrow when released. So the bow kind of is dependent on how hard you pull.

Meaning to say that it takes more effort, by more effort it means that when you draw a bow right up to your ears you’re also holding the entire draw weight all in your hands, if your bow is 60lbs then you’re holding 60lbs of weight between your hands. This is more than a lot of energy spent just to draw one bow, you would get tired really quickly and wear out fast.

For compound bows, they come with big wheels at the end of it which act as cams and functions as a “let off” during the end of the draw.  Meaning that you would only be required to use lesser effort when you draw your bow. With lesser use of effort you would be able to hold the bow steadier and further increase the accuracy.

Also with the cams, designers of bows will be able to determine how much of the bow’s power is applied to the arrow at the point in the strings travel time. This explains why the full throttle is so fast, because you are able to get the full power to the arrow at a very early stage in travel and holds it there right before it leaves the string.

The full throttle is the maximum speed a bow can ever produce, in a normal traditional bow the max speed can be up to 180fps and for a compound bow at its average speed of up to 370 feet per second.

Whats Best

To begin with, give yourself an aggregate spending plan. This should incorporate the bow, the adornments and the bolts. Hope to spend at any rate $80 for twelve bolts slice to length and fitted with field tips for the range. Your nearby star shop will deal with that.

You can discover better than average “Field Ready” bows (effectively fitted with extras) beginning at about $550. These are bounty for beginning, enduring two or three seasons and taking your first deer or two. Likewise with all things, I went over the edge, got a costly bow and fitted it with the most ideal adornments, alongside costly bolts. The Full Throttle retails for $1,200 and I effortlessly coordinated that with the various stuff it required before I could take it chasing. That was pointless excess, you shouldn’t have to spend more than $1,200-$1,500 aggregate to get decent stuff that will work for quite a while.

When you realize the amount you need to spend, visit your nearby pro shop/range, give them that number and request to fix bows that fit it. The best bow for you is the one that feels best in your grasp as you shoot it. The expert shop will have the capacity to decide your draw length (numerous bows must be requested with a set length, others should be acclimated to it) and prompt on what weight you should draw. Try not to attempt to be macho and picked too substantial a draw, doing as such will destroy your shooting and even a 40lbs bow can take a buck. In case you’re not excessively solid, search for a bow with however much let off as could be expected.

The pro shop will get you fitted up with bolts of a suitable spine (flex) for your bow, slice them to measure, enable you to figure out which frill are ideal for you, at that point get them all fitted. On the off chance that you purchase everything from them, you shouldn’t hope to pay for work.

1. Hoyt Carbon Defiant

This compound bow is generally a great bow with an amazing IBO speed of about 331FPS. If you were to say that this bow comes with a slower speed compared to others you must know that the speed has been compensated with accuracy. The bow has a brace height of 7 inches which gives you the flexibility  to not have the best form, which, quite happens often when in the heat of the moment.

The compound comes with a weight of 3.6lbs which is a number pretty impressive especially because it comes with really good features. The weight really makes shooting comfortable and easy.

It does indeed also have what it takes to endure harsh conditions and weathers. It is definitely worth the money you pay as it performs really well and can last you a lifetime which may still be an understatement. Read the full review here.

2. Bowtech By Diamond

This is a top of the shelf bow compound for those of you out there for hunting and is not for those of you who are beginners. This bow compound is smooth and powerful both at the same time. It is capable of sending arrows up to the distance of 340 feet per second! This may not be the fastest bow you see out there but the accuracy is un-comparable.

The bow was designed with what’s called SmartBow which enables you to harness complete and utter control over the bow from the point of grasping it in your hands till you release it.

This bow has been a recommendation by many hunters that has used it before. It comes with an adjustable draw length of anywhere between 25 to 31 inches. With all these features incorporated, the bow is fairly light with a weight of 4.3 pounds, which is why it is said to be best for those experienced hunters with the capacity to handle one of these. Please click here if you like to know more about it! 

3. SAS Rage

If shooting with bows is something new to you and you are planning to experiment but at the same time have a good time doing it you would need a compound bow that is good and affordable. The SAS Rage does just the thing for you! The compound bow is extremely affordable and does just the job. The compound also comes with a slightly adjustable draw length which ranges between 26 inches to 30 inches.

The draw weight on the other hand is anywhere from 55 pounds to 70 pounds, which is fair for a good shot. Its weight is 4.4 pounds which makes it a little heavy for some but that maybe a slight sacrifice you can make as the bow is really affordable. The bow is also said to be sturdy and comfortable to use which makes it suitable for hunting as well as training in the range. Check out the full review here!

4. Diamond Archery Infinite Edge

This compound bow can really be used by anybody from new shooters to even experienced sportsman, its designed to serve all really. It is extremely user-friendly and versatile in its adjustments to meet all your needs from both draw weight and also draw length. Worth mentioning also is the draw length which ranges from the lowest 13 inches up to 31 inches.

On the other hand is the weight adjustments that range anywhere between 5 pounds to 70 pounds! That definitely is a plus point for those of you seeking maximum control over the equipment you use.

The bow is able to launch arrows at over 300 feet per seconds, and if that wasn’t a bonus big enough already, the bow only weighs 3.2 pounds which is extremely low and extremely comfortable to use. The draw weight of the bow can go up to 70 pounds total. Based on several users, they say that the bow has an incredible draw cycle without any hump, kick or grind to be felt at all. You can learn more about it here!

5. PSE Full Throttle

It has an impressive name and performs up to the name too, the bow is truly fast and is said to be the fastest in the world! The bow has been engineered with hours of designing to be able to produce speeds of up to 370 feet per second, a number which is way above the average for compound bows.

PSE is no new brand and has a reputation of its own which is why they continue to impress with their progress. The bow uses a hybrid cam system along with a preloaded limb.

In terms of material, the bow is made out of 6061 T6 aluminum which makes it highly durable and of exceptional quality, it would take years and years of usage and still be able to perform well without any problems. The draw weight can be adjusted for 50, 60, 65 and 70 pounds making it really user-friendly. However, due to the really high speed it produces there is concern for some string oscillation but PSE included a Backstop Lite string suppressor which helps make the effect significantly lesser. If you are interested in this compound bow, you can check out more information here.

6. Bear Archery Cruzer

This bow was designed to serve people from different age groups, it can be used by 4 year olds up to grown up adults. It is incredibly easy to use with adjustability for both the draw length and the draw weights. You can adjust the draw length anywhere between 12 to 30 inches which is a pretty large range whereas you can adjust the draw weight anywhere between 15lbs to 70lbs according to your needs and wants.

The adjustments mentioned can be done all by yourself at home without even using a bow press, making it really suitable for young archers just getting into the sport and learning all that’s needed to be known about it.

The bow has a brace height of 6.5 inches with a let-off of 75%. Along with that is the bow’s extremely low weight of only 3.6lbs which is really suitable for the younger ones and a huge advantage for adults who work better with light equipment. If you would like a comprehensive review of the Bear Archery Cruzer compound bow, you can find out more here.

7. Quest Forge DTH

For hunting, this bow is ideal and efficient, as this bow shoots with higher poundage the flatter the arrow will travel and therefore faster and more accurate. It has a draw length of 25.5 inches up to 30 inches which is fully adjustable. On the other hand is the draw weight which is adjustable too, you can adjust anywhere between 40 pounds and 70 pound all depending on your preference and the state’s minimum poundage requirement.

Upon purchase of this compound bow you will also be given a fibre optic sight which is understandable really good since it is also tool-less. Going out to the field for some hunting or even practice wont be so hard a task anymore. Along with that also comes a rest for your arrows making it easier for you to handle the arrows you bring out there with you. You can read this post if you want to find out more.

8. Mandarin Duck Nighthawk

This compound bow may be the weirdest looking one you’ve seen so far, this makes the bow seem smaller which may be an advantage to some who are small in general. Although the bow is small it is still quite powerful, the bow is capable of launching an arrow at 270 feet per second. The bow is only 24 inches long and has a weight of 4.4 pounds. It is also worth noting that this bow can also be used by right handed people too.

This bow has a draw weight of 50 pounds, which is also a fairly good number. The length is 27 inches long with amazing accuracy, the size may be deceiving but it really does pack a punch. Most prominently this bow is easy  to handle and strap on across your back making it a bonus when you are out there in the field. It also has a great maneuverability as it is small making hunting in tight, small and dark places easy. Check out this post if you are eager to know more about it.

9. Iglow 55LB Archery Hunting Compound Bow

This bow was made to really cater to those of you who wants a quick start in the whole archery game. As archery is no cheap sport the iGlow really has made a bow which is affordable and easy to use for beginners out there wanting to start the sport but not really to invest a lot of money into it. The bow is listed here so you not only get to see the best but also the most affordable.

The bow has a 55 pound draw weight which is fairly powerful for most shooters and definitely more than enough for beginners in game hunting. The speed of this bow may not be the greatest but it delivers results that most bows do at this price range,206 feet per second. It is also really slick in design and light enough to be extremely easy to operate.

The material used for this bow is fiberglass which automatically makes this a quality product with a very durable body. Not forgetting that the draw weight is also adjustable anywhere between 40 to 55 pounds along with the adjustable draw length of anywhere between 27 to 29 inches. Please read this post if you would like to find out more.

10. Diamond Archery Edge

This would be a special kind of bow as it was made to serve the needs of those of you who are left handed. Just like many other equipment made for left handed people the Diamond Archery Edge does the same. The bow is specially crafted just for you guys, it has maximum comfort, accuracy, safety and an option for all the lefties. Other than that the bow is made to perform well for both hunting and recreational purposes.

The bow is really easy to use with a weight of only 3.6 pounds which is a good number in terms of weight for bows. The bow is able to launch arrows up to 318 feet per second along with an adjustable draw weight from anywhere between 7 to 70 pounds!

The draw length of the bow is also adjustable, you can choose anywhere between 15 inches to 30 inches depending on your preference. Hands down the best bow you can get out there for a leftie. Check out this review if you want to learn more!