Best Climbing Tree Stand Reviews 2019 – The Ultimate Guide

When hunting it comes down to your skill, precision, accuracy and also patience. If you are one that often goes hunting you know that it is not a 10 minute thing. Hunting takes time and needs time and hence you play the waiting game. When this happens, hunter mights not be as prepared when their target comes and might feel restless and not as focus as when you first started hence why hunters need the right tools and equipment to bring along when going hunting. One of the equipment that can help hunters much during the long hours of waiting is by using a climbing tree stand.

A climbing tree stand allows the hunter to be able to sit down and rest while still being in an advantageous point of view. Having the climbing tree stand, the hunter will be at a higher position enabling them to view their target and still be in focus and alert while in a resting state but still at an advantage over the prey. In this article below, the best climbing tree stands will be listed and discussed. But first, you will need to know on what to look for when buying a climbing tree stand as there are many types and features you would need to look at depending on what you want, your body size, comfort as well as which is easier for you to use as not everyone would want the same type as there are many preferences.

Our Top Three Picks

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What to look for when buying a climbing tree stand 

1.Safety and comfort

When buying a climbing tree stand it is important to know if that it has safeguards against theft. This is important as it might get stolen especially when you leave it around it the woods without looking after it. Hence ensure your tree stand is able to be properly secured and easy for you to keep safe while hunting. Some  tree stands actually comes with some safety features so it would be good to look out for this feature when shopping for one.

Next, about the comfort of the seat of the tree stand. When it comes to most things, most people prioritize comfort. So for hunting it is also important to think of comfort if not you might suffer the consequences later.

Does it have padded seat? Is it comfortable? Remember that when you use this climbing tree stand you are going to be in it for long hours and long periods of time. Hence it is important to make sure that the chair has the right amount of support and comfort for your body if you do not want to end up with aches and cramps after hunting or when climbing down to collect your hunt. Having a padded seat will definitely change your experience. There are also climbing tree stands that come with a nice back rest for your back as well.

So, do remember to check your options and getting one that is comfortable would be the most ideal.

2. Weight and Size

For a climbing tree stand that’s going to be on the tree for sometime, it is important to check the weight it can hold while sitting on it. Also the weight of the tree stand itself is also important as you will need to carry it around when walking to your hunting spot. Also the difference in weight by a few pounds will make a great difference as well. If it cannot hold your body weight then it might end drastically or if its too heavy for you to carry, you might suffer aches and pains later.

However, the size of the tree stand is also important as if it is smaller in size or undersized it might be uncomfortable for you to sit down up there for a long time and if the stand is not suitable for hunting it might affect or disrupt your hunting process as it could prevent you from getting your shot on your target. And a great size and type of stand can definitely help improve the whole hunting process and experience.


3. Type of climbing tree stand

There are two types of climbing tree stand, a “sit and climb” stand and a “hand climbing” stand. On which type to choose mostly comes down to your preference and most of the time you would only know which you like once you try both types as it differs from person to person. You can always try out a friend’s tree stand to know what you like before purchasing one on your own. But again, do take note that in the end it comes down to personal preference and to see which is more practical for you.


4. Ease of Climbing

Since there are two types of climbing tree stand, a sit and climb or a climbing tree stand that uses your upper body different people might prefer different types as every body differs. If you are weak in your upper body, have aches and pains in your arms then a sit and climb would be better for you. But if you suffer backaches then the hand or upper body climber might be better for you.

How to use a Climbing Tree Stand 

When using a climbing tree stand it is better to use bigger trees instead. When you use a bigger tree, it will not shake or wobble around when you move around the climbing tree stand as it is more stable and supportive. Most of the climbing tree stands will mention which tree diameter is suitable for that particular climbing tree stand.

When setting up in the tree, try to make sure that the platform is leveled or pitched in an upward position at the open air end. When you stand up to get your target, make sure that your footing remains steady.

Secondly, take a limb saw along. It’ll come in handy while you’re climbing, if you run across any obstacles, like tree limbs.

To hide yourself when in the trees, use tree trunks or branches that are up there to hide make yourself as invisible as you can to anything at the bottom. The higher you are on the tree, the harder it is for your prey to spot you from the bottom. You should also bring a limb saw along your trip as it might come in handy when you are climbing for when you run into any obstacles like tree limbs. Having the saw will make it much easier for you.

Safety when using a climbing tree stand 

When using a climbing tree stand it is always important to prioritize safety. You are going to be in the tree on high level so it is important to stay safe.

1. Always wear a harness when using a tree stand. Most climbing tree stands now do come with their own safety harness but if they don’t do get one. Also some harness provided aren’t always the best and might not be the right one for you so be sure to check prior to using it and don’t try it out during the time you’re going to hunt but do it beforehand. Few of the harnesses that are safe to use is the three point harness or the four point harness

2. When carrying a weapon with you, make sure it is unloaded and pull up the unloaded weapon separately. Do not climb up with it. Once you climb up you can pull your weapons up so tie a rope to it when you are down.

3. Read your manual on how to use the tree stand. Before using it, familiarize yourself with the how tos of the climbing tree stand, know how to set it up and the operation of it.

4. Be alert at all times. When on the climbing tree stand for long hours you might tend to get sleepy and doze off. Some hunters actually fall as they drift off while sitting up there. So do try to be alert and awake at all times so that you can catch your target as well as remain safe.

Best Climbing Tree Stand 

Let’s dive into how we can pick the best climbing tree stand. 

1. Summit Treestands 180 Max SD Climbing Treestand

The Summit Max SD Treestand is one of the many performing climbing treestands out there in the market. The Summit company is already known for their treestands so there is no negative hope there. This model comes with all the necessary safety tools you need like pads, hardware, ropes, straps as well as 4 points safety harness and rapid climb stirrups.

The construction of the climbing tree stand is made with aluminum, a strong build that can hold up to 350lbs. It is also quite a comfortable stand that has a great hold as well, with more space and capacity able to fit hunter who are bigger in size as well.

Summit Max SD also comes with great features that allows you to adjust the height of the tree stand, reversible feature that enables you to sit facing the tree. It also comes with an extended top frame that gives an advantage to hunters that are taller which is great and makes this treestand versatile and suitable for all hunters of different shapes and sizes. On top of that, the topframe is still able to keep the weight down to 23 pounds.

The engineers of the chair also designed a way to reduce the metal to metal sounds due to the aluminum tubing it uses. Summit now has a DeadMetal Sound Deadening Technology that is able to keep the noise down by filling the critical parts of the stand with expanding foam that has also been custom engineered. This helps a lot with the noise reduction.

Summit also has its QuickDraw cable retention system in the climbing treestands. This is the fastest cable retention system that has been invented and is simple to use. To use it you would just need to insert the cable into the bracket and adjust it to fit the diameter of the tree. Then pull the selected lug of the to the back of the bracket until the QuickDraw triggers and locks into place automatically. There are no hard or complicated steps that would involve pins, knobs, nuts or bolts. Plus, the attachment is also safe and silent to assemble and use.

Another feature that the Summit treestands have is that it comes with a RapidClimb stirrup that has been engineered to be comfortable and adjustable to fit any type of boot. The design has been to ensure that the boot is able to attach to the platform securelt and the stirrups allows you to climb quickly to reach you desired height. This is a feature on all of Summits climbing treestands.

The next and last feature of Summit tree stands is the SummitLokt technology. The treestands are made with high quality aluminum and with the SummitLokt technology it gives precision welds, join that has absolute rigidity and maximum strength. This keeps the chair in a good structure not allowed to bend or get out of its shape. Every joint in the chair is lock into place and each joint is designed to reduce the stress on the weld as well. This technology creates a climbing treestand that is quiet, safe, secure and concealed.

So when you purchase Summit Max SD it comes with the RapidClimb Stirrups, Bungee Backpack Straps, QuickDraw Cable System, a full body harness and a great 5 year warranty to the tree stand.

Whats good about the Summit Max  SD is that it is a comfortable tree stand and is comfortable enough for you to sit in in the whole day if it is necessary. So this gives you good comfort and support. Next is that it is able to support those who are heavy weight as well it still will feel safe and stable. The height of the seat is also adjustable hence an be used by different people of different heights.

However, there are some minor downs to this climbing tree stand. When climbing the tree the treestand might feel more on the bulkier side. Also there is a wrap around bar that the tree stand has and it might feel a little far away to sit on while climbing.

2. Summit Treestands 81120 Viper SD Climbing Treestand

The Summit Viper SD is also another great Climbing Treestand and one of the best things about it is its weight. This model is lightweight and makes it easier to carry around and when climbing as well. Just like the Summit Max SD mentioned above, the Viper SD has the same features of the DeadMetal Sound technology, the QuickDraw cable retention system and the SummitLokt precision welding.

The structure of the Summit Viper is built with closed front aluminum and has a suspended foam padded seat and a backrest as well giving users better comfort and support when sitting for long hours. The treestand itself weight about 20lbs and can hold up to 300lbs of body weight.

When purchasing the Viper SD you will receive a full body fall arrest harness system which is a 4 point safety harness, RapidClimb Stirrups, pads, hardware, ropes and straps. It comes with all this and still able to maintain being lightweight, functional and comfortable. The Viper SD also has a 5 year warranty plan to it.

The Viper SD has also been engineered to keep the chair concealed, quiet, comfortable and most importantly, safe. It has a full perimeter frame that allows it to be either a sit down or stand u climber which makes it an easy climbing treestand to have.


3. Lone Wolf Wide Sit & Climb Combo II Climbing Tree Stand

This Lone Wolf Sit and Climb tree stand has been designed to bring maximized comfort to the user while still being lightweight and supportive which is suitable and stable for hunting. It has a huge chair that is comfortable as it comes with a 2 panel foam seat that gives comfort to your back and the butt.

Both sides of the seat has armrests that gives an added comfort when sitting down and allows you to rest a little after waiting for long hours and especially in the early mornings or late evenings when you might feel the most tired.

It is very nice and is wide, offering great comfort and it even has space for you to stretch. The Lone Wolf also offers an optional shooting bar that you can choose to get if you want something to give extra support or comfort. It gives you a comfortable and padded place to take an aim.  The Lone Wolf weighs about 20 pounds and comes with great comfort. When you buy it, it comes with backpack straps, bungee straps and even stabilizing straps. Plus, it is very suitable for those on the heavier scale as this climbing tree stand can hold up to 350 pounds of body weight.

This lone wolf sit and climb fits trees that are 6” to 19” in diameter. It also has a 6 point fall arrest system. This climbing treestand also has a feature that is holder that allows you to keep most parallel limb bows and comes with a bonus pivoting sit and climb bar.

4. X-Stand Mini X-1 Climber 

The Mini X-1 is one of the newest and lightest climbing treestand from the X-Stand line and it claims to be the lightest treestands available in the market. It is very lightweight  as it weight just less than 10 pounds and most of the above mentioned climbing treestands are about 20 pounds.

The design of the Mini X-1 comes with a compact design that is lightweight and easy to transport and comes with a pro-flex carbon composite flex arms. When the chair is fully geared and with the accessories in place it just adds up to 11 pounds which is still light comparing to others.

Since it is mini size you might be wondering what the measurements are. The seat is 15 inches by 9 inches but it still has the popular X-stand 3” cushion. The platform for the foot is 17 inches by 29 inches and it is all made with aircraft-grade aluminum.

However, this might not be suitable for those who are heavier in weight as it has a cap weight that it can hold of 250 pounds. However, if you are lighter in weight and looking for a lightweight climbing tree stand this is definitely one of the best ones out there.

Other great features to the Mini X-1 is that it has a quick attach cable that is for tree size adjustment. It also comes with a lay flat design for easy packing and mobility and an anti slip foot platform. The Mini X-1 has a 3D camouflage pattern for concealment in the forest.

The Mini X-1 also has weather resistant mesh over it and is able to give comfort and contour to the body when you sit on it. It also has self lubricating nylong washers which helps to reduce and eliminate any noisy metal sounds from metal on metal contact.

5. Summit Goliath SD Tree Stand

Summit Goliath SD is one of the climbing tree stands that is chosen by many hunters due to its ability of giving space to hunters to maneuver without adding an extra load of weight to the treestand. It weighs at about 21 pounds and is able to hold up to 350 pounds of weight. Even though it is higher in weight, it would be worth it to hunters as it offers much.

The Goliath is suitable for any weight even those on the heavier side as it can hold up to 350 pounds. On top of that, it also has a great size seat, 18 inches by 12 inches and a D shaped platform that is 20 inches by 36 inches that is roomy and spacious. The seat is also cushioned with their suspended foam padded seat and has a backrest as well.

Just like the two mentioned Summit models above, the Goliath also has the patented Quickdraw Cable Retention system that helps with easy adjustments on different tree sizes and also has the RapidClimb Stirrups that makes it easy to adjust to any size boots to attach easily.

The Goliath also comes with the five-chamber aluminum frames that are designed to reduce and eliminate the noises of the treestand especially the metal on metal contact. When you purchase it, it also comes with an instructional DVD that helps you understand how to use the treestand properly and teaches you the right way and how to use the features it has to offer as well.

The Goliath does share the same comfort as the Viper SD but the Goliath has a wider top that gives more room to larger framed hunters.

6. Lone Wolf Hand Climber Combo II Climbing Tree Stand

This Lone Wolf hand climber is a very supportive climbing tree stand as it is able to support up to 350 pounds of weight but it is still light enough to carry it up the tree and carrying it around the whole day. It weighs 17.5 pounds  It has a platform of 30 inches by 19.5 inches platform and the seat is also very comfortable with a padded contoured foam seat,  to sit on and sitting up high for long hours is not a problem.

The treestand also has great room and is spacious as it is able to fit both your bow and rifle hunters. There are two sections to the treestand, the seat and then the platform which allows for plenty of legroom space when you sit down. The treestand also has tension straps that are easy to adjust while climbing and it will work with most trees. This climbing treestand can fit trees with a diameter of 6 inches to 9 inches.

The Lone Wolf hand climber also folds down to a 5 inch pack profile and is great to carry around and for packing as well.

Why the Lone wolf Hand climber is so great is because it is lightweight for its size that is bigger and spacious for the hunter. On top of that it is also well constructed with aluminum that is stable and secure. It is also comfortable for long hours of sitting and has a bow holder which fits most parallel limb bows.

When purchase, the treestand comes with a traction belt and there is a longer traction belt option available, harness that has a 6 point fall arrest system, straps (backpack straps and bungee straps). The straps has an optional option of padded straps if you want extra comfort. The design of the Lone Wolf tree climber is a distinctive 3D camo design for both the platform and the belts.

Few minor concerns to mention about is that some say the metal of the seat does dig into their stomach when climbing which makes it uncomfortable. It might also feel awkward or weird when you are trying to get used to the climbing style. Although I’ve mentioned that the seat is a comfortable one, some might not feel the same and if this is the case you can opt to bring a cushion seat to add comfort to it.

7. Ol Man Steel Tree Climber

Ol Man Steel Tree Climber as the name says it, it is made with steel. The design is a heavy steel design that is quiet as well as stable and sturdy compared to any of the aluminum tree stand. However, there is a sacrifice you need to make since it is heavy weighing at 29 pounds it would be hard and difficult to carry and move it around. But with the 29 pounds it can hold up to 300 pounds of weight.

The design of the climbing tree stand is designed to be compact, it gives you the chance to choose your own vantage point apart from your other hunting friends and get you own target and aim on your own.

Although there are downsides to this tree stand, it will definitely help you out in a lot of situations and make it worth it for you. For example, it has an amazing feature which is a reversible gun rest or foot rest. It can be used for either one. This will be helpful for gun hunters as they can use this for support and also rest their arms when hunting.

The seat on the climbing tree stand is a comfortable mesh seat but it does not come with a backrest. Hence this might be uncomfortable for you when sitting on it for long hours as you will not be able to lean back. The size of the seat however is large in size (18 inches by 32 inches) which gives room to change sitting positions and to sit comfortably as well and can be compared to Summit’s Viper HD seat.

Another great feature it has is that it has a tether placed between the lower and upper platforms of the climbing tree stand. This is to prevent the platform from being too far apart from each other and it is very secure. There is also a connection strap hardware with a safety pin and screw that locks in for maximum safety.

The Ol Man Steel is also very quiet which is one of the best parts. This treestand does not set off your prey and target as once it is set up and you sit in it there is no sound from it anymore.

All in all, the Ol Man Steel is a good climbing tree stand that is very quiet due to its steel use and also well built. The reversible footrest or gun rest makes in a versatile treestand as well. On top of that, the treestand is also easy to sue and is a very stable one.

Some of the drawbacks towards this climbing tree stand is that the harness it comes with is not very impressive so you might need a backup harness when you use this. Another thing is the seat. Although it is comfortable, it does not feel comfortable after very long hours sitting there.

When it comes down to the weight of the treestand it is also a major thing to consider before buying it as it weighs 29 pounds and carrying it around would be tough unless you can handle it and you find the pay off worth the sacrifice.

8. Best Choice Products Tree Stand Climber 

The Best Choice Products Tree Stand has been designed and engineered to be a lightweight and solid product that is stable and able to give support. It can support up to 300 pounds of weight. Although its designed to be lightweight it weighs up to 30 pounds and when comparing this to the other climbing tree stands in this list, it is one of the heaviest weighing at 30 pounds which is something you might want to consider as you will need to carry this around while looking for your hunting spot which would take lots of walking.

This treestand is also spacious with a 19 by 16 inch seat and a 26 by 14 back rest making alot of space for comfort and movement. With the back rest it will be able to provide support as well as relieve to you when you are using it and sitting on it for long hours. There are also traction ridges on the platform for safety reasons as well as an adjustable safety harness that is provided for safety.

The body of the climbing tree stand is made with sturdy steel frames and has a padded climbing bar as well. This padded climbing bas can be used as a gun rest when on the treestand. On top of that it also comes with climbing braces that helps give secure footing when on top.

When you purchase Best Choice Products Treestand climber, it comes with few types of straps (foot straps, boot stap, 3’ strap, 3’ strap wiht hook), nylon rope, 57 support cables, two back pack straps, padded tubes, quick clips and strap buckles as well. 

9. Summit Treestands Titan SD Climbing Treestand

The Summit Titan SD is under the larger sizes climbing tree strand in the Summit range. Its size is much bigger as well as more spacious for the user to use when hunting. Due to its size it is very suitable for any size hunters and especially for the larger hunters, you will not have to suffer cramped tree stands and enjoy the space.

Just like all the other Summit brand climbing tree stand, it has the same design, safety and comfort features so there is no need to worry as the quality of this climbing tree stand is at the top. The Summit Titan is made with a closed front aluminium and has a camo finish to it. The chair used is also extremely comfortable as it is made with suspended foam padded seat and it comes with a backrest as well allowing you to lean back for support and relieve so there is no need to worry about having any back aches and pains from slouching as the backrest will be able to support you especially during long hours of hunting.

The weight of the Summit Tital is at 25lbs and it can hold a persons weight of up to 350lbs which is quite good. The size of the seat and the platform are 18” W x 12” D seat size, 21”W x 30.75” D platform size. Which is spacious and as mentioned earlier suitable for those larger hunters as well. The seat also comes with buckles which enables fast and easy removal.

The Summit Titan comes with a full body fall arrest harness system or also known as a 4 point safety harnes and all the other tools and hardware you need for a climbing tree stand like your ropes and straps. With the harness provided it ensures your safety first when you are up in high trees.

Just like all the other Summit models, the Summit Tital also has the SummitLokt Technology built in that provides maximum strength to the user and making it a very safe climbing tree stand which is very important.

10. Lone Wolf Wide Flip Top Climber Combo Climbing Tree Stand

The Lone Wolf Wide is another great contender out there in the climbing tree stand market. This model in particular is made with two other models in mind combining the best parts of both the Sit & Climb model and the Alpha Hang on and made this version of the climbing tree stand.

This model has a wider stance to it which makes it easier for seated climbing. The seat built in this is also padded and is also mounted at a higher position than normal to keep you at an advantages position that is higher and allows you to be ready for whenever you would like to take a shot at the prey or target.

On top of that, this climbing tree stand is also easy to set up and is very comfortable even when hunting for long hours which is very important. The seat is a 14 inch by 12 inch seat that flips up and can also fit trees that have a 9 inch to 19 inch diameter.

This Lone Wolf Wide weighs at about 21 pounds which is not too heavy to carry when walking long to find the right spot to set up and it can also hold up to 350 pounds which allows a wide range to people to use it. This climbing tree stand comes in a camo colour which is perfect for hunting allowing you to be easily hidden and hard to see by the prey.

The climbing tree stand also comes with other tools and hardware you would need to set it up such as the 6 point Fall Arrest System which will keep you safe and secure while up in the tree. It also comes with backpack straps and additional pivoting sit as well as a climb bar. Overall, this climbing tree stand is also popular among most hunters but it has competition with many of the other good ones mentioned above as well.